Messi appeared in the movie Bad Boys and surprised by speaking in English with Will Smith


During the weekend, Lionel Messi caused a sensation on social media after giving some soccer “lessons” to Hollywood stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. The video, which soon went viral, had another objective behind it: the participation of the captain of the Argentine national team in the promotion of Bad Boysthe next film in which the two actors star.

June 7th, Bad Boys will release its fourth installment. The action-comedy saga tells the adventures of Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey, two friends who belong to a detective squad. It had its debut in 1995 and, since then, it captivated the public who eagerly awaits the new release. In this context, the promotion of the film is going strong on social networks, where a promotional clip was recently shared with stellar participations from Jimmy Butler, basketball player for the Miami Heat, and Messi himself.

In the almost three minutes that the video lasts, Jimmy Butler is shown showing up at Burnett and Lowrey’s home with the intention of joining the investigation duo. They agree, but not before subjecting him to a series of tests to determine his attitudinal skills to be part of his squad. But, nothing turns out as they imagined due to the athlete’s poor skills, which is why they end up ruling out his participation.

Disappointed by the situation, while they appear dazed, the doorbell rings again. Who is behind the door is Lionel Messi, who generates a big surprise. “Bad Boys?” he asks in English, just as Butler did, which caused the two men to become disillusioned. “Wrong house,” Lawrence answers when he glimpses the athlete’s intention to join the duo. At that moment, Will Smith interrupts before saying goodbye to the Argentine: “Nice to meet you”.

Lionel Messi with Will Smith (Photo: Video capture)

The brief participation of the Rosario caused a sensation on the networks. “Messi finally said something in English. Only Will Smith could do it.”wrote a user to celebrate the video. Neymar, for his part, was disconcerted by the appearance of his friend in the filming: “Amazing,” he wrote.

Will Smith and Leo Messi, in Bad Boys advertising

On Sunday, May 26, Lionel Messi made the first appearance alongside Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in a small soccer class.

In the clip you can see that the actors are in the garden of a house while discussing where they will kick the ball. At that moment, the soccer player appears. Seeing it, they are both surprised and the Argentine simply gets ahead of them and takes the shot. The ending is somewhat tragicomic, as it was addressed directly to the camera.

“I like this format, Messi, the best actor in history”; “Tell me he appears in the movie”; “We need Messi in Bad Boys”; “I hope to see Messi in Bad Boys 4″were the comments that users left when they saw the images.

As part of the premiere of Bad Boys, Will and Martin appeared in a video with Lionel Messi(Source: Instagram/@willsmith)

Bad Boys was released in 1995 starring Smith and Lawrence. The story tells through humor the problems that two Miami police officers have in solving the city’s crimes. Bad Boys: Ride or Dieis the fourth installment of this saga that will be released on June 7 around the world.


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