Isla and Medel in talks to be reinforcements in Colo Colo

Isla and Medel in talks to be reinforcements in Colo Colo
Isla and Medel in talks to be reinforcements in Colo Colo

The Chilean soccer transfer market begins to move, and the two-time champions of America are closer than ever to landing Cacique.

By Alfonso Zuniga

05/28/2024 – 16:57 CLT

© PhotosportMauricio Isla and Gary Medel in negotiations to reach Colo Colo.

In a few more days the winter pass market will officially start, facing the second round of the National Championshipand in Colo Colo They are beginning to scare people with the possible additions they may make to reinforce their current squad.

Although the main name that appears in the club’s folder is the midfielder Luciano Cabralbehind him appear two two-time champions of America that could be added to Arturo vidal to complete what fans call the DorAlba Generation: Mauricio Isla and Gary Medel.

Although within Black and Whiteleaders like Daniel Moron They emphasized that those selected were not within the interest of the technician Jorge Almironto improve the Colo Colo team, the journalist Coke Hevia He issued the alert about the situation of both.

“I don’t know if they will arrive, but the conversations with Isla and Medel exist“, confirmed the communicator in the program Game Patternwhere he indicates that the influence of the current president of the alba regency, Hannibal Meuseis key to this negotiation.

What do they say in Colo Colo about the option of Isla and Medel?

The Blanco y Negro boss preferred not to give any signals in this regard and indicated at a press conference that “I can’t say anything. We cannot give any type of name because there is nothing certain about this situation. Many names are approaching, many representatives who want their players to play in Colo Colo“.

When asked if the chance for Medel and Isla to reach Colo Colo is real, Aníbal Mosa responds that “One thing is that, if (those names) serve the club, if it seems good to the coach, if it seems good to the board.. Several things have to be combined for a player to reach Colo Colo.”

When is the next game? Cacique?

This Wednesday May 29Colo Colo will seek to qualify for the round of 16 in the Copa Libertadores, when it visits Cerro Porteño of Paraguay, in the closing of Group A, starting at 8:30 p.m. at the General Pablo Rojas Stadium in Asunción.

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