“I don’t know why I couldn’t play”

“I don’t know why I couldn’t play”
“I don’t know why I couldn’t play”

Edwin Torresa 26-year-old winger from Antioquia, who at the beginning of the year reached National Athletic As one of his main reinforcements, he did not have many minutes and could not demonstrate his best level, which is why his departure from the Antioquia team was recently confirmed. Torres spoke in Caracol Radio’s Vbarabout the reasons why he left the team, reported that his pass belongs to Alianza FC, but there are several teams interested in him.

He was started by asking about his future, after confirming his departure from the Antioquia green team, to which he mentioned; “Until now we have finished arranging my departure from Nacional, There are several teams interested in having me, but the priority is Alianza FC, which is still the owner of my sports rights.”.

Torres did not have many minutes in Nacional, he could not stand out much and this ended up opening the door for him to leave the team, this is what he said about the little continuity he received: “I don’t know why I couldn’t play as much, it’s a question we all ask ourselves, my family, my friends and I.. It wasn’t because I trained badly, I don’t understand why I didn’t have the continuity and when I started it was also very complicated because we needed to win and there was more pressure and difficulty.”

“In addition, everything has to do with the moment that Nacional is experiencing, we worked well and we did not get the results”he added.

On how he left the team: “I’m not going to continue in Nacional, The teacher spoke to me and told me that he was not going to count on me and was going to look for another player in my position.”.

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“The team in the last few games had a different idea with teacher Reppeto, the team is going to show a different face with more work with him. It was a very tough environment, things didn’t work out the way we trained them; We would lose and the next day we would arrive to training sad. I don’t know what was happening, we trained well, and things didn’t work for us, because Nacional has everything, it does everything to perform very well.”

“First of all, I am very grateful to Nacional because it was the big team that trusted me, because I am a fan, the fans were also always supporting us, it is the biggest team in the country, I don’t know why things weren’t measured , I lacked more opportunities, “I hope I can return to Nacional one day.”he assured.

On the other hand, thank God, several teams have shown interest, “We are working with my representative and looking for the best option, it is better not to talk so that it is not damaged,” he added.

Any special color you would like to wear: “Blue is also good, I would like to wear blue or red colors,” he concluded.

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