Report details current violence by O’Higgins defender against referee


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On matchday 14 of the National Championship, O’Higgins tied 2-2 against Cobresal in a complicated match that culminated with two being sent off after a final melee. The Argentine defender Leonel Mosevich pushed the referee Fernando Vejar in an outburst after his expulsion, which earned him an exemplary sanction of 4 dates in the Chilean tournament. The Disciplinary Court imposed one date for the red card and another 4 for pushing the judge, thus exceeding the previous sanction of 4 dates for Emiliano Vecchio. Mosevich will miss the next matches against Cobreloa, Deportes Copiapó, Colo Colo, Everton and Palestino if O’Higgins does not appeal the sanction.

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On day No. 14 of National Championship, O’Higgins had a difficult game against Cobresalafter it ended in a 2-2 tie, but also had two expelled due to a melee at the end of the game.

He was the Argentine defender Leonel Mosevichwho in an outburst after his expulsion in the 90’+10′, pushed the match referee, Fernando Vejarbut it was not only that, since after the match report, the defender He suffered an exemplary sanction in the Chilean tournament.

In Vejar’s document, it is detailed that the “guilty player of violent behavior: causes a confrontation by way of uncontrolled using rude language towards opponents.”

“After being expelled, he turns to me and “He pushes me with his arms on my chest.”. He had to be controlled by his companions, he indicated.

This unleashed the annoyance of the Disciplinary Courtwho gave him a date for Red cardbut 4 dates for his push against the main judge of the match.

A harsh punishment for the defender who surpasses the sanction received at the beginning of the season Emiliano Vecchiowho was sanctioned for 4 dates.

Thus, Mosevich will miss the duels against Cobreloa, Deportes Copiapó, Colo Colo, Everton and Palestinoif O’Higgins Do not appeal to exemplary punishment against your player.

Review the red card and expulsion of Leonel Mosevich

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