Belgrano and all the joy on his arrival from Brazil

After 8 p.m., the Belgrano team arrived from San Pablo after having beaten Internacional on Tuesday night 2-1 and getting a place in the round of 16 of the Copa Sudamericana as first in Group C.

Supporters with flags, others with t-shirts and many with cell phones in their hands to portray the moment with the soccer players who came out one by one from the central hallway of the Córdoba International Airport.

The first to appear were Ignacio Chicco, Juan Barinaga and Mariano Troilo, quickly the people who had been waiting for a while gathered to collect a souvenir of their idols, with whom they have almost no way of having contact.

The others came out and Pablo Chavarría was the most requested for the photos, as was Matías Suárez himself, who is a symbol of the Pirate of other times.

Mariano Troilo, the youth who is one of the Pirate’s “sellables” (Javier Ferreyra / La Voz)

“This moment in the club is unforgettable” was the first thing Troilus he told The voice, since the youth is taking his first steps in the senior team of the “B”: “You gain experience at every moment, today from Ale (Rébola) who now has to play. “I rely a lot on the greatest.”

This 20-year-old youth, who at the end of 2023 was in the Reserve, is one of the “saleable” players on the squad and says: “I take it calmly, I talk about it with the family and they bring me down to earth, especially my old man who knows about this (he was a Cordoban League player for many years). The truth is that I feel very comfortable and as the games and minutes go by I get looser.”

Autographs for everyone. Alejandro Rébola responds to the request of the supporters (Javier Ferreyra / La Voz)

Joy was in the air, because the fans know that this victory has been historic no matter how you look at it and it was the moment to listen to Alejandro Rébola, who on Tuesday night was the captain of the Pirate and who at 33 years old receives this football award: “It is a huge joy for everyone, luckily we brought what we went looking for, which was the victory, because we knew that from that way we passed directly. Now we enjoy it, but tomorrow we start thinking about what’s coming,” referring to the fact that this Thursday at 10 the team will be working ahead of Saturday’s game at 8:15 p.m. with Argentinos at the Gigante for the fourth date of the tournament. the Professional League.

Rébola had to work hard to get this present, because she didn’t start the season in the best way and even lost the title: “It’s a bit about this, not everything will always be rosy. I started the year off, with some complications, dengue and other things, but my mentality is always to move forward, work and when I don’t have to play it is to support. Today I have to play and I enjoy it.”

The defender was the one who wore the captain’s ribbon on his right arm in a special match and says: “We are proud to wear the ribbon, we try to ensure that the group has a great communion and that no one feels more than anyone else, on the contrary, everyone We know what we are looking for. Today it was my turn, tomorrow it could be Nahuel (Losada), Santi (Longo), Pablo (Chavarría), Mati (Suárez), what we are aiming for is what we want as a group.”

Nahuel Losada and the photos with the fans at the airport (Javier Ferreyra / La Voz)
Nahuel Losada and the photos with the fans at the airport (Javier Ferreyra / La Voz)

Finally, Nahuel Losada enjoys the present: “We started down on the scoreboard, we had a show of character and we brought us a historic victory that positions the club very well. Although we have not yet won anything, because this continues, we are going to redouble our efforts because we want to achieve things, we get the taste for it and we want to continue in this direction.”

“This cost us a lot, we have been with some boys since the promotion in this project and I am proud to represent this institution. We enjoy it as much as we can, because we work very seriously and those are the beautiful things about football,” added the goalkeeper who later said: “The people thing is crazy. They are everywhere and it is beautiful what they feel for the club, luckily we were able to give them this joy.”

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