“We would welcome them with open arms”

lOndres hosted, on the eve of the Champions League final, a new executive committee of the ECA, where Nasser Al Khelaifi announced “the return to the football family of the Juventus“. The Italian club, which left the Super League a year ago, returns to the ECA and leaves Real Madrid and Barcelona as the only two member clubs of the Super League. “We welcomed Juve with flowers. It is a great club, with a great history. We are proud to have them back.” The opening ceremony of the ECA meeting was attended by Aleksander Ceferin, president of UEFA.

The president of PSG, in statements to MARCA after the match, assured that they hope Madrid and Barcelona reconsider and return to the ECA soon. “We are waiting for you with open arms, we want you to be here with us. The Super League… Two teams cannot play 20 games between them. I have a lot of respect for both clubs, for their fans, who “They are very big, but it makes no sense for them to be on the sidelines.”

Al Khelaifi assured that he does not understand Madrid’s position with the Champions League: “They have a great history with the European Cup, they always want to win it. But then they want to destroy it. Has no sense. Do you love her or hate her? If you love her you have to protect her. The Champions League is very important for us and I think deep down it is also for them. “I would be happy if I could talk to them about the importance of being united, sitting down, analyzing the new format, discussing it… It would be important for everyone.”

Al Khelaifi is aware that it is easier to convince and bring Barça back to the ECA rather than Madrid: “Yes, of course, I think Barça would be closer. Barça needs to be here more than anyone, due to their situation. If I were the president I would return tomorrow. Laporta is a good person and I think Barça would be the club that would benefit the most from his situation.”

A new PSG

Al Khelaifi also spoke about the situation at PSG after Mbappé’s departure: “It is a new era for us, we are very grateful to Messi, Neymar and Mbappé for everything they have offered to the club. We have had a great season, with only two defeats at the end that have prevented us from being here. The season has been better than expected and PSG focuses on the team, on having a great team with a great coach, which we have.”

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