David Alonso resists Veijer and is more of a leader in Moto3

David Alonso won the Mugello Moto3 race. The Hispanic-Colombian knew how to control in a bumpy event and without Spaniards on the podium. The one from CFMoto Aspar already has 37 points from Holgado, 48 from Veijer and 63 from Ortolá. He has won five of seven tests this year, with the last three in a row. And he dominated all the training sessions and the Mugello race, impressive.

The temperature was something fresher than the day before, with 21 degrees in the air and 32 on the asphalt.

Joel Esteban and Farioli They already knew before starting that they had to comply with a penalty of passing through the ‘Long Lap’ area twice.

In the start, David Alonso held on the first pole position. Ortolá clung to him as much as she could. Furusato grew to be third, like Holgado. Rueda, on the other hand, dropped to tenth.

The Colombian didn’t even look back. He pulled very hard to cut off all the pilots he could as soon as possible.

Veijer saw the pull and surpassed Furusato to go for the leading duo. Rueda was making a comeback: he passed Holgado, Muñoz and Roulstone to be fifth.

Farioli fell with Zurutuza in a bad accident at turn 9, Arrabiata 2. The Italian passed over the Basque. For this reason, the stewards stopped the race with the red flag. To everyone’s relief, they announced that all the pilots were conscious and fine. Xabi had a trauma to his back.

Since two-thirds of the test has not been completed, everything had to be restarted 11 laps away with the positions they had at the end of lap 3: David Alonso, Ortolá, Veijer, Furusato, Rueda, Roulstone, David Muñoz, Holgado, Nepa and Kelso occupied the first ten places. Farioli could go out again, but he had to go through the penalty area twice, since he had not done it before. Esteban had one step left.

In the second start, Alonso maintained first place again. Ortolá resisted Veijer’s harassment. Rueda and Nepa touched each other and they both fell. A stick for the Sevillian, who had to brake a lot to avoid hitting Loose and lost his balance, colliding with the Italian. Then it was Suzuki who had an incident.

Everything changed on the first step down the straight: Veijer and Furusato surpassed Aspar’s pupil to get him out of his head.

They didn’t last long at the top, as Alonso also pulled in the slipstream to overtake everyone in Turn 1.

The judges were very harsh on Holgado, as they blamed him for the second start and penalized him with pass through the ‘Long Lap’ twice.

A leading group was assembled with six units: Alonso, Veijer, Furusato, David Muñoz, Ortolá and Yamanaka. A little further back was Roulstone, already cut off, with another group with Adrián Fernández, Kelso and Lunetta.

Holgado served his double penalty and returned to the track out of the points, 17th. He had six turns to add up as much as he could. Rueda, who had returned, was right behind him.

Veijer was very clear that his mission was to cut Alonso’s rhythm. He surpassed the minimum that he could. Of course, everyone verified that, due to slipstream, they did not overtake before the finish line.

With four laps remaining, the CFMoto Aspar driver took control in turn 1 and forced to escape. There was a mess in the back and that helped him.

Veijer got rid of the others to make two fast laps in a row and reduce the lead to three tenths when they faced the final turn. Muñoz dropped first and Furusato, later.

Ortolá fell at turn 12 and lost the podium. He was fighting with his MT MSi teammate, Yamanaka. Iván was able to restart the march to finish sixth. Of course, first World Cup win for the Japanese.

David Alonso controlled to the Dutchman, despite the pressure and won again. He is sweet. He wins in a group, solo, changing the pace…either way. Holgado was able to add two points and Rueda, one. Sad consolation for both.

“Today I was inspired by Jorge Martín. I saw that you could win by coming out of the last corner first,” said David.

“I didn’t have any new tires left,” Ortolá lamented.


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