Marcelo Díaz and the U team bother a journalist on the field

Marcelo Díaz and the U team bother a journalist on the field
Marcelo Díaz and the U team bother a journalist on the field

Before entering the dressing room, the blue soccer players got into contact with Marcelo Díaz, from TNT Sports. His namesake started with the jokes.

By Alfonso Zuniga

Updated on 06/02/2024 – 1:02 p.m. CLT

Updated on 06/02/2024 – 1:02 p.m. CLT

© CaptureMarcelo Díaz bothers his journalist of the same name before the match with Everton.

No matter how much pressure and concentration there is before a game, there is always room to release tension and laugh for a while. Proof of this occurred minutes before the game between University of Chile and Everton at the Sausalito Stadium in Viña del Mar.

While the blues carried out pre-competition work on the field, the journalist Marcelo Diazof TNT Sportscarried out his usual informative work announcing the news of both teams, particularly the team of Gustavo Alvarez.

Coincidence or not, while the reporter was in his office live, the U team was heading to the dressing rooms, for the last details prior to the commitment, and they had no better idea than cross in front of the cameras. But it wasn’t the only thing.

During those moments, always in a humorous tone, some footballers did not hesitate to approach the journalist, one of them the blue captain Marcelo Diazwho gave him a shortor also Lucas Assadi, who gave him a little push. Everything goes in the previous one.

Marcelo Díaz’s touch to the journalist of the same name in Sausalito (Capture)
Lucas Assadi laughs at the joke to the TNT Sports journalist (Capture)
The U players crossing each other in the journalist’s office (Capture)

What are Marcelo Díaz’s numbers in the U?

After 12 years, Carepato He undertook a return to the team where he was born and which filled him with glory, locally and internationally. He is currently the captain and main reference of the Romantic traveler who remains the leader of the National Championship.

Not counting the match in progress against Everton, Marcelo Díaz has already played a total of 1,175 minutes on the field during the 14 games that Universidad de Chile records in the tournament, all of them as a starter, where he records an assist and a yellow card.

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