The right back who steals the attention of Jorge Almirón

The right back who steals the attention of Jorge Almirón
The right back who steals the attention of Jorge Almirón

Colo Colo

From D Sports they revealed the player on the right wing who is stealing Jorge Almirón’s attention for the second semester.

By Felipe Aguilar

06/06/2024 – 10:39am CLT

© PhotosportAlmirón would have seen a right back.

Colo Colo is completely determined to strengthen itself in this transfer window, thinking about what will be a demanding second semester where they will have to come back in the 2024 National Championship and they have the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores de América against Junior.

Jorge Almiron He has made it more than clear that his priority is the center forward, where he hopes to incorporate a player who will become a starter to replace Damián Pizarro’s departure to Italy.

Another position that the former Boca Juniors coach wants to add variations is on the right wing. There, he is not 100% convinced by the actions of Oscar Opazo and much less when he has had to do it Jeyson Rojas or Bruno Gutiérrez.

Escobar steals Almirón’s gaze. | Photo: Photosport

It is precisely in that position where Rodrigo Lopezreporter who covers Colo Colo for D Sports On a daily basis, he added an alternative that steals the attention of Jorge Almirón, thinking of taking him to the Cacique for the second half of the year.

Is about Dylan Escobarright back of Coquimbo Unidos who, at 23 years old, has become a key piece in the scaffolding of the team that today could end up as ‘winter champion’ in the first round.

Now, it will be necessary to see if the pirate team wants to negotiate with the albos and strengthen a direct rival in the fight for the title, since they have said on more than one occasion that For that same reason they are closed to a departure from Luciano Cabral towards the Monumental Stadium.

Colo Colo returns to action

Colo Colo returns to the ring on Sunday, June 16 when it has to face Colegio Quillón for the first round of the 2024 Chile Cup, a match that will take place in the city of Concepción.

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