Estudiantes tied with Gremio for the Copa Libertadores

Estudiantes tied with Gremio for the Copa Libertadores
Estudiantes tied with Gremio for the Copa Libertadores

Students played his last game of the present Libertadores Cup and tied 1 to 1 with Guild in it Stadium Couto Pereira of Curitiba. The match referee was Esteban Ostojich and the VAR was in charge of Christian Ferreyra. Franco Cristaldo and Mauro Mendez They scored the goals of the match.

At 8 minutes into the game, there was an important controversy against Pincha. Javier Correa He slipped into the area, was stepped on his right foot and fell due to the defender’s recklessness. Between the Uruguayan Ostojich and the VAR, they did not consider a foul and what generated the anger of the team Eduardo Dominguez.

Pincha advanced on the field and at times was better than Gremio. On the first occasion, Correa tried to avoid the goalkeeper, but Agustín Marchesín He got the ball on time. In the next, Pablo Piatti He faced the center from the left, tried the goal, but the shot was easy for the local ‘1’.

Despite not having clear chances, Estudiantes’ game began being clearer from midfield forward thanks to the good performances of Alexis Manyoma and Fernando Zuqui, who were in charge of generating football and keeping the danger latent. The clearest play of the first half came after a corner taken by Zuqui that Correa combed at the near post and was served to Zaid Romero. The defender tried to push it in the small area but could not give it the correct direction and the ball went without finding a certain destination.

In the first play of the second half, Pincha failed to clear the ball from the danger zone and after bouncing off several legs, Franco Cristaldo leaked ahead of Federico Fernandezwaited for the departure of Matias Mansilla and defined to open the game.

After the goal, it was difficult for Pincha to create danger, but with good triangulation on the right, between Zuqui, Manyoma and Cetré, they managed a shot on goal that deflected off Rodrigo Ely and went to the corner kick. Cetré, with his bow between his eyebrows, shook off his drowsiness by testing the goal from the door of the area. Pincha did not find answers, despite the changes and a shot from Franco Zapiolaon the first ball he touched.

However, the tying goal was going to come in one of the last moments. Jose Sosa He put a spectacular cross to the far post, where the home team scored poorly, and Mauro Méndez headed violently to tie the game.

The last 10 minutes were fought and both teams were able to win it. With aggressiveness on the right, Gremio had an important set piece that did not end with a goal, despite Ely’s lofted header. Edwuin Cetré from outside the area tried again but everything ended in a tie, with Estudiantes eliminated from everything and the Brazilian team placed second in the group.

Match summary

Guild (1): Agustín Marchesín; João Pedro, Walter Kannemann, Rodrigo Ely and Reinaldo; Dodi, Pepê, Cristian Pavón and Franco Cristaldo; Yeferson Soteldo and Diego Costa.

Students (1): Matías Mansilla; Eros Mancuso, Federico Fernández, Zaid Romero and Gastón Benedetti; Enzo Pérez, Fernando Zuqui, Alexis Manyoma and Pablo Piatti; Edwuin Cetré and Javier Correa.

Cautioned: PT: 8′ Javier Correa (E), 14′ Rodrigo Ely (G), 22′ Gastón Benedetti (E), ST: 69′ Edwuin Cetré (E), 83′ Fernando Zuqui (E), 83′ João Pedro (G), 85′ Walter Kannemann (G)

Goals: ST: 3′ Franco Cristaldo (G), 82′ Mauro Méndez (E)

Changes: ST: 55′ João Pedro and Gustavo Gomes x Cristian Pavón and Diego Costa (G), 65′ José Sosa and Nicolás Fernández x Gastón Benedetti and Alexia Manyoma (E), 76′ Mauro Méndez and Franco Zapiola x Javier Correa and Pablo Piatti (E) 77′ Felipe Carvallo and Nathan Fernandes x Jefferson Sotteldo and Franco Cristaldo (G), 85′ Everton x Pepê (W)

Guild vs. Students: How to watch live and match data

  • Referee: Esteban Ostojich (URU)
  • VAR: Christian Ferreyra (URU)
  • Stadium: Couto Pereira (Curitiba)
  • Time: 19
  • TV: Fox Sports and Star +
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