Pedro Carcuro insists on his darts against Ben Brereton Díaz

Pedro Carcuro insists on his darts against Ben Brereton Díaz
Pedro Carcuro insists on his darts against Ben Brereton Díaz

Pedro Carcuro has caused people to talk in the last few hours after giving Ben Brereton Díaz his all but nothing of the Copa América. The historic rapporteur questioned the forward’s level in the Chilean team and assured that, if it is out of sympathy, it would be better to take him to a reality show.

His statements ignited the debate and several emblems of Chilean football came forward. That is why this Friday, in conversation with LUN, he decided not only to defend himself, but to insist on his darts against the Villarreal attacker.

“I find it rather precarious from a technical point of view and in the ability to handle the ball, which for me are fundamental elements. That’s the basics,” he began explaining. “This is a player who does not move well in small spaces. He gets his best options when he has a lot of space in front of him, in long races that mean an athletic one-on-one with his rivals.”

Along the same lines, the rapporteur stressed that he has nothing to do in the current Red. “For a team that has an associated football, like this Gareca’s Chile, that tries to touch the ball to break lines with a deep play, with a vertical pass or with a change of front, which Diego Valdés handles masterfully, I don’t see it with technical finesse to be an important contribution.”

Pedro Carcuro gave everything to Ben Brereton Díaz and left the broom in Chilean football. Photo: Photosport.

Pedro Carcuro begs Ben Brereton Díaz to cover his mouth

Beyond his criticisms, Pedro Carcuro hopes that Ben Brereton Díaz shows that he is there to be a contribution. The rapporteur said what he sees as good about the attacker and assured that his vision does not have to be wrong.

When asked what the striker contributes to the Chilean team, the face of TVN pointed out that “We consider that the Chilean teams are short in stature, he provides height and can serve as a pivot, both in defense and attack. And I don’t know what else he can offer us. I repeat: it is an opinion.”

That was not all, since he prayed for Ben Brereton Díaz to silence him in the tournament that is coming to Chile. “I hope he shuts my mouth with 10 goals in the Copa América and 20 in the qualifiers, but since in football we have the sacred right to have tastes, I expressed my taste.”

“On counterattacks, with a lot of space, it is usually effective. He has physical ability and holds up well against his rivals, in those endless races, but in associated play he does not seem to me, for example, to be a player who participates fluidly in a series of passes, and then unloads the ball towards some sector of the field.” , he added.

Pedro Carcuro also understood why everyone went after him for questioning Ben Brereton Díaz. “He is very charismatic. In the national team he quickly won everyone’s affection. So it is obvious that when one thinks about athletes with idol characteristics, criticism is generated against it, but our obligation is to analyze.”

However, to close, he did not back down from his statements. “This is not to destroy Brereton or to say it is a disaster. I just expressed my opinion. I do not see it. For me he doesn’t measure up and nothing more. I hope I cover my mouth by scoring all the goals and playing very well, which is what you want in the end.”

Do you agree with Pedro Carcuro’s statements about Ben Brereton Díaz?

Do you agree with Pedro Carcuro’s statements about Ben Brereton Díaz?


What are Ben Brereton’s numbers for Chile?

Since his debut in 2021, Ben Brereton Díaz has managed to play a total of 30 official matches with the Chilean team. In them he has achieved 11 wins, seven draws and 12 losses, with seven goals and 1,877 minutes on his personal account.

When does Chile play in the Copa América?

Ben Brereton Díaz will try to help Chile achieve glory in the Copa América 2024. La Roja will make its debut in the tournament next Friday, June 21 at 8:00 p.m. against Peru.

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