Colo Colo: Almirón’s blunt response about Cabral

Colo Colo: Almirón’s blunt response about Cabral
Colo Colo: Almirón’s blunt response about Cabral

This Friday there was Press conference in Colo Colo where the person in charge of attending to the media was the coach Jorge Almironwho is in charge of the first team of the Cacique.

The big topic of the day was the transfer market, where one of the names for which the Argentine coach was consulted again is the midfielder Luciano Cabral of Coquimbo Kingdom.

Along these lines, Almirón gave a tremendous response, amidst rumors that the talented 29-year-old player signs for the Pachuca Group and Everton de Viña del Mar.

“There was always speculation in the press about names. With the management we saw some players, some names. Cabral is a player who has done well in the tournament, the managers know what I think and what the evaluation is for me in general,” the coach responded.

To that, he added a series of conditions that have arisen in this case and that ultimately have to do with the personal decision of the name in question.

“The market becomes complex for them to arrive soon and there has to be interest in that. An interest from a club that wants to acquire the player, an interest from a club to sell a player and the most important thing is the player: where he wants to go, if he has the possibility of choosing. I always go where they want me. I evaluate, then there is the economic part, the family part, the tournament where you have to play, the city where you have to live. A lot of situations that are very particular. It almost always depends on the player’s choice, where he wants to be. There are a lot of things that have to be taken into account,” said the trans-Andean strategist.

Luciano Cabral has been the great “star” of the winter market. (Photo: Photosport)

Jorge Almirón and the choice of reinforcements

Regarding the choice of reinforcements, where the idea they have in Colo Colo is to add three names, Almirón commented: “The choice is very fine and to bring in three players similar to the ones we have… we also have to focus on statistics , names, ages and how much they can charge. A lot of things to evaluate.”

“To improve, we hope to bring in players who have a certain hierarchy and, above all, good statistics, who are used to playing and who perform. One can have many names, but there are a lot of these evaluations to make a decision,” he concluded.

When do you expect to have reinforcements in Colo Colo?

Finally, the former technical director of Boca Juniors indicated that he would like to have the first winter incorporation as soon as possible.

“I would like him to be with the team tomorrow, so that he can get to know his teammates, so that he can get to know our way of working. Good players adapt quickly. We hope to add a player as soon as possible and if not we continue working, because the market is not easy at this time. There are three players and you have to choose well,” he concluded.

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