Jefferson Farfán clarifies the type of relationship he currently has with his father: “I don’t judge him or hate him”

Jefferson Farfán clarifies the type of relationship he currently has with his father: “I don’t judge him or hate him”
Jefferson Farfán clarifies the type of relationship he currently has with his father: “I don’t judge him or hate him”

Jefferson Farfán opened up about the relationship he has with his father. (Photo: TV Capture)

Jefferson Farfan was the special guest at the recent edition of ‘Cuto’s faith’where he had an extensive conversation with his uncle, Luis Guadalupe. During this talk, the former soccer player and now businessman shared intimate details about his childhood, his beginnings in soccer and some of his most memorable anecdotes.

A few hours before celebrating Father’s Day, ‘Cuto’ asked ‘Foquita’ about her relationship with her father, Luis Farfan Quispe. “At what age did you meet your dad Luis?” Guadalupe asked. The former soccer player, without hesitation, recalled: “Chiquito, I remember that I went to see my grandmother.”

Jefferson Farfan He revealed that his relationship with his father is more friendly than paternal. “My dad with me, whenever we have seen each other, it is a friendly relationship. I always screw it up, but communication with my dad is like friends. “My dad knows that he hasn’t been with me, but my mom never instilled me to judge him,” he explained.

Jefferson Farfán told of the time they pointed a gun at his head for not paying for the taxi.

Despite the absence of his father during his childhood, the now businessman does not hold a grudge against him. On the contrary, he maintains a positive and humorous attitude about it.

“I am no one to judge him. He who judges is the one above. We maintain respect, when I see him I greet him, but the joke always comes out, I screw him up: ‘Why didn’t you give me my jar of milk, right now you would be in my mansion?’. He laughs himself to death, he likes it,” he said.

Jefferson Farfan He has been in the spotlight recently not only for his role as a YouTuber with his podcast ‘Enfocados’, but also for his new investments off the court. In recent days, he has leaked information about an important real estate project that he is developing.

According to the program ‘Everything is Leaked’ from Panamericana TV, Farfán is building a shopping center at kilometer 40 of the Panamericana Sur. Construction began in January and is expected to be completed by November of this year. The program traveled to the site to corroborate these details, and the information was confirmed by several workers on site.

Jefferson Farfán and all the details of his new shopping center.

A construction worker revealed that the mall is scheduled to open in December this year. “This year in December, as planned, it is to be inaugurated in December,” he commented. Another master builder confirmed that the project belongs to Jefferson Farfán and mentioned that the former soccer player visited the site to supervise the progress in March. “Of course (he is from Farfán)… He already came, in March,” said the bricklayer.

Everything happened in the program YouTube ‘No one is saved’ by Pablo Saldarriaga and Gabriel Calvo. In this conversation space, Calvo surprised with an infidelity about the former member of Alianza Lima. The actor claimed that he had information about the popular ‘Foquita’ which had to do with his next investments.

He commented that the now content creator would be investing his earnings from the beautiful sport in businesses that would give him millionaire results. There, he confessed that the former athlete would be the owner of a shopping center that would be being built in the south of Lima.

Details of Jefferson Farfán’s new business.

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