The creator of the National Team hit with Olé: his story and how he found out that La Scaloneta sang it :: Olé

The creator of the National Team hit with Olé: his story and how he found out that La Scaloneta sang it :: Olé
The creator of the National Team hit with Olé: his story and how he found out that La Scaloneta sang it :: Olé

06/17/2024 06:00 a.m.Updated on 06/16/2024 10:51 p.m.

The Muchachos phenomenon, a hit that accompanied the Argentine National Team in it Qatar World Cup 2022suddenly has a new chapter: yes, a few days before La Scaloneta debuts against Canada and thus begins its participation in the America Cupthe video that Rodrigo DePaul He uploaded to his Instagram story showing the team singing a tribune version of Imposible by Callejeros (which knew how to be a hit in fields like All Boys or Rosario Central) spread a song in moments that promises to be the anthem on Yankee soil. But… Who put together the lyrics? How was she born? How did you become the World Champions? “I didn’t speak to any players, but I know that the song reached their families and that they know who I am. Having people you admire like what you do is the most rewarding thing there is. And that Leo is singing my song… Phew!”begins, still with emotion on the surface, Pablo Quintana, better known as Palm heart in the virtual world.

A lover of music since he was a child, this young man 28 years old is the creator of the lyrics that the Argentine players sang on the microphone that took them through the streets of Washington after the 4-1 victory against Guatemala. “I am a fan of Central, which has a version of that song and I love it, so I started to make the National Team song with that one”, tells about the creative process. And of course, with him Ole on Monday, he does not hesitate: “My favorite part is the Yankees and Diego’s revengebecause it’s also just before the footboard… It’s like you enter the footboard like that and everything is crazy, heh.”

For Palmito, it is not the first time that networks have achieved the impossible, precisely. They say that the best opportunities arise from crises and he knows this better than anyone. “Just around this time last year, the owner where I was renting told me that he was going to increase my rent by 100%… I couldn’t pay it and I started looking to move. Fair It was fashionable to say ‘you’re behaving badly, you’ll be punished’ and I began to ramble until I said ‘I have to move, my sister’s pussy’…’. He Exploded! They lifted me up everywhere, I went from having a thousand followers on my Instagram, who were my family and friends, to having 50,000 in 45 days. Until then, I didn’t even generate content,” he recalls about the first jump in popularity he had in his life, not so long ago. “Now the same thing is starting to happen, but I am much more prepared. I already know who wants to get on the boat to spoil you, those who want to give you love and nothing more, which is great… I know the opportunities there are and that I have to have a work team by my side,” he says almost like a mantra. .

Palmito explains that he wrote the lyrics in honor of La Scaloneta about a month ago and just then published it on his networks. “I like that spontaneity,” he says. Immediately, the likes and comments multiplied until it became content that worked more than well, in network language. “What I didn’t know was that it had reached the players, that they liked it and that they were singing it”he is honest, still surprised.

Palmito seeing what came out in Olé. (Photo: Lucas Bendayan)

In fact, the movement generated by De Paul’s post did not even give him time to prepare. “I was at the butcher shop buying some hamburgers when everyone started forwarding me their story… I was left with the bags in my hand, shaking and not understanding anything. It was an incredible moment”he relates.

From seeing the National Team players singing the version that bears his signature, Palmito generated images in his head that he would never have imagined. “I thought about everything: the possibility that Messi has entered my Instagram or that they sent my video to the National Team’s WhatsApp group and that’s how everyone learned it… Just the thought that they saw my face is incredible. That Leo sings it is crazy, heh”, he says, while his heart races just thinking about it. And she, of course, dares to dream: “I want to go to the United States and sing the song there with the players.…I know it’s going to happen, I am moving heaven and earth to fulfill that dream”. While the rogue roots are also present: “Messi, of course, is Messi, but I have a dream of giving Fideo a Central shirt and saying ‘Crazy, thank you for everything.’ And, by the way, ask him to come back, heh”.

In his artistic career there is duo cover sessions with his “brother” under the pseudonym Garko and Palmito and one own band, Los Palmitoswith which he dreams of filling the stadium of his heart. “We make rock and funk. I have the dream of playing in Arroyito, with 45 thousand people. I know it’s going to happen, but you have to go step by step. I think this moment could be the takeoff, because The rental thing was a huge barrage but this can solidify me in those places where I always wanted to be. Everything is part of a path towards that end”.

The lyrics of the new hit of the National Team for the Copa América

Winning another cup with Leo is what I imagine / To bring glory to Argentina from the United States / and show everyone what it means to be Argentine. / And that the Yankees cannot believe, / how Argentina 30 years later / has the revenge they owe to 10 / the other fans in the world will never understand / No matter where Argentina plays, I will be by your side / Leaving anything behind aside for the National Team. / It doesn’t matter what FIFA says. “Whatever the newspapers say / the kids from Malvinas in heaven want to see us champion.”

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