Los Andes historic: from 0-2 to 3-2 to be one step away from promotion :: Olé

Los Andes historic: from 0-2 to 3-2 to be one step away from promotion :: Olé
Los Andes historic: from 0-2 to 3-2 to be one step away from promotion :: Olé

06/17/2024 6:11 p.m.

From tears of sadness to tears of joy. From falling to hell to rising to heaven. From 45 minutes to be forgotten to 45 minutes unforgettable. This was the cataract of emotions that was experienced at the Eduardo Gallardón. This is what the almost 20,000 felt! souls that filled a stadium in the third category of Argentine soccer. Los Andes went from seeing their dream slip away to achieving the goal of winning the Apertura Tournament and getting a ticket to the grand final of the Primera B to fight for promotion to the Nacional.

The cry of Ezequiel Gallegos, who tied temporarily. (Photo: Los Andes Press)

The definition of the first championship of the season took place in two stadiums simultaneously. On the one hand, Lomas arrived as a favorite to the last date and with a two-point lead at the top; On the other hand, Colegiales had to beat Sportivo Italiano in Ciudad Evita and wait for a hand from Cañuelas. However, all attention was focused on what happened in Lomas de Zamora.

As if it were a movie (first horror and then one with a happy ending), Milrayitas felt the nerves of having the pressure of finishing at home. He came in asleep and had a hard time waking up. TThe opposite was what happened to Tambero, who came in very excited and hit at the beginning and at the end of the first half. through Tiago Hirigoyen, one of the best of the visit, and Ulises Ojeda.

The Gallardón exploded with almost 20 thousand fans. (Photo: Los Andes Press)

The complement was different, since Cabezón Ruiz reacted quickly, got his hands on the team, broke with the line of five at the back and was successful with the entries of Federico Martínez and Matías González. Martínez’s penalty discount was the driving force that the team needed to go for more and turn it around thanks to the shouts of Ezequiel Gallegos -the soul of CALA- and Manuel Brondo -the tireless scorer-.

The celebration with the poster of the protagonists. (Photo: Los Andes Press)

“I hope we crown him”

Between the joy and the focus on knowing that nothing has been achieved yet. Leonardo López is the voice that tries to mediate between madness and serenity. The 36-year-old midfielder, one of the leaders of Los Andes, was happy to win the Apertura Tournament but made it clear that there is one more step left to achieve promotion to the Primera Nacional. “I hope we crown him,” he said in the former Nueva Chicago and Gimnasia de Jujuy.

Once the match in Lomas de Zamora was over, the footballer maintained that “it was not a coincidence” that the team came to win the first championship of the season. “We gave everything for this shirt. People were very beaten up and we wanted to give them this. “May they continue to trust us,” he asked.

And he added: “We gave them joy. We left everything, she was on the field for 45 minutes. Achieving this is not easy because it is a very difficult tournament. “What we achieved is important.”

The other parties

Colegiales got the victory they needed to put pressure on Los Andes but it was not enough. After equalizing for almost the entire match, a result that was of no use to them, Tricolor reached 1-0 through Félix Villacorta at 49 minutes into the second half, when Lomas had already beaten Cañuelas.

On the other hand, Argentino de Quilmes closed its participation in the championship with a 2-0 victory against Sacachispas. With a double from Leandro González, Mate concluded a good competition (he finished third), although the downturn in the final stretch meant that he arrived without a chance of consecrating himself to the last day.

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