His own family betrayed him and his father apologized.

His own family betrayed him and his father apologized.
His own family betrayed him and his father apologized.

After earning their first star, the Atlético Bucaramanga players They had a huge reception from the fans. However, their celebration had an incident and it was the robbery of which the player Carlos Henao was a victim.

In the midst of the tumult, the player was approached by a fan from behind. He takes away one of the medals that the player was wearing.

In the videos you can see how the footballer was going to give a statement to the television cameras and while everything was being prepared he was surrounded by many fans.

Because Sergio Luna’s photographs went viral on social networks, his father, Orlando Luna, spoke on the Caracol Radio station and asked that reprisals not be taken against his son.

“It is hard for one, but he is a lifelong Bucaramanga fan like me, it is a football line that came, but unfortunately… I apologize, please excuse it, that can happen to anyone, no one is exempt, I ask you not to retaliate against my son, he has to apologize too,” said Orlando Luna.

It should be noted that the Bucaramanga media reported that one of the relatives of the person who committed the robbery betrayed him, it was easy to locate him and he was captured. The person that She was already identified, she published a photo with the medal on her social networks.

“A relative of this person brings the medal to the Police. The person has already been fully identified and corrective measures will be taken.”the police said.

According to the newspaper El Colombiano, it was Sebastián Luna’s mother who handed over the lost item and she did so after seeing her son showing the kidnapped medal on the news program Oro Noticias.

After this, it was learned that Luna was detained by the authorities in a neighborhood in the municipality of Girón, which is part of the Metropolitan Area of ​​the capital of Santander.

Team Barra spoke about the situation

For its part, the Bucaramanga brava group also spoke out on the matter. “We want to tell the community that the South Leopard Fortress condemns this act or any similar eventuality towards a player or any citizen. Our bar is not and will never be complicit in this type of actions. The person who committed said action did so personally and does not represent the values ​​and virtues of our barrista collective,” the statement highlights.

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