Caszely complains about the absence of Franco Garrido in the youth Red

Caszely complains about the absence of Franco Garrido in the youth Red
Caszely complains about the absence of Franco Garrido in the youth Red

The performances of Franco Garrido, grandson of Carlos Caszely in the Sub 16 of Colo Colo have aroused the interest of the entire Colocolino people. With the number 7 on the court, the Cacique was crowned champion of the Apertura Tournament and although he did not score in the definition against the U, he did have a brilliant final stretch of the tournament, being the main scoring card of the team led by Hugo González.

Garrido has a scoring lineage. El Chino closely followed the campaign of his heir, but also of the Sub 16, to the point that he sponsored the team to the point that it was he who presented the champions cup to the team captain, Bruno Torres.

And after the coronation, the King of the Square Meter complained because Garrido has not been taken into account by the Chilean National Team in its lower divisions. In dialogue with Círculo Central, the Alba legend assured that he has not been considered just because he has the surname Caszely.

One of Franco’s big problems is his last name. He has never been called to microcycles in the national team. He scored 20 goals in 26 games last year. He now made 12. He is a scorer. Don’t ask him to go to three or four, to make tunnels or hats. The boy is a scorer. But since she has the last name…” she claimed.

Caszely’s claim for the absence of Franco Garrido from the National Team

“The other day he played outside of Santiago, I went to see him and they said ‘stop ‘7’, he’s good.” When they were told he was Caszely’s grandson, they started yelling ‘weon bad’ at him. You play by last name. “This is the Chilean, our idiosyncrasy,” analyzed El Chino.

“I’m going to have to call (Fernando) Felicevich to summon him. He doesn’t have a businessman. I don’t really get involved, let the parents see it, but I do know that “In Colo Colo there are three very good kids in the Sub 15 represented by him,” he pointed.

Franco Garrido, For its part, after the crowning of the Sub 16, it is preparing for a new semester of action in the lower ranks of Colo Colo. The boy, only fifteen years old, must continue making his journey to one day reach the Cacique’s first team.

The evaluation they make of him in Colo Colo, for now, is the best. Caszely’s permanent advice is key for him and he shows quality and talent in the games. Only time will tell if he ends up reaching the level of genius that his mentor reached.

Franco Garrido continues to confirm his high level in the Sub 16

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