Aldair Quintana revealed on ESPN his “Dibu Martínez” strategy against Santa Fe

Aldair Quintana a was the great figure of Atlético Bucaramanga against Independiente Santa Fe in the final of the Apertura Tournament of the Colombian League, saving two charges in the penalty shootout. After consecration, he spoke exclusively with ESPN Ball Split and told his tactics to cover up in maximum penalties.

The moment of penalties

“We had studied the possible kickers, but at that moment the psychological issue played a lot and it was a moment of great pressure, for both teams, for the kickers and the goalkeepers.”

The Draw Martínez strategy

“I tried to intimidate the collectors, try to get them to kick to the place I wanted them to kick and the two that I guessed, that I saved luckily, served for the title.”

The recovery of Santa Fe

“Afterwards we talked about it with our teammates and that period of 10 minutes we felt that we could lose it. Santa Fe, when they scored the second goal with the push of their people, had a super important emotional lift.”

Santa Fe’s 3-2 at the end of the game

“I wanted the game to end because we were in a critical moment, but I had a lot of faith that we could win on penalties and that’s how it was. What’s more, when we went ahead on the scoreboard, we didn’t suffer in the game.”

Dudamel’s words before the penalties

“That we were very calm, that the game had already ended, that the penalties were a new story and it gave us a lot of confidence, those who feel good about kicking, do it with conviction that Aldair helps us.”

The encounter with Rodallega

“It was a final and the emotions are running a mile an hour, they are normal frictions that there are in the match, which I had with Hugo Rodallega, but it didn’t get any worse, he is a great professional, a great player, we both wanted to win, give it “Everyone is happy for his club, but after the penalty he spoke like the great professional he is and everything stayed on the field.”

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