Messi’s reaction to the tattoo that Marcelo Tinelli got to surprise him

Messi’s reaction to the tattoo that Marcelo Tinelli got to surprise him
Messi’s reaction to the tattoo that Marcelo Tinelli got to surprise him


In the run-up to the start of the Copa América, Lionel Messi gave an exclusive interview to Marcelo Tinelli for América TV and at one point in the dialogue, the historic host of ShowMatch He showed him his recent tattoo on his left leg, in which you can see the man from Rosario kissing the world Cup in Qatar 2022. The footballer’s reaction quickly went viral on social networks and surprised many fans of the Argentine team.

The most important national team competition at the American level is getting closer and closer and, this week, the team captain gave several interviews for Argentine media from the United States. One of them was with Marcelo Tinelli, an Argentine television figure who he has known since his first tournaments with the youth team.

The tattoo that Marcelo Tinelli got on his leg. Capture: America

At one point in the interview, where the man from Rosario told details of his personal life and his football career, Marcelo Tinelli asked him for a few minutes to reveal a surprise. The driver uncovered his leg and showed him a spectacular tattoo in which the footballer is seen in the historic moment in which he kisses the Qatar 2022 World Cup with the light blue and white shirt.

“I am 64 years old and I always wanted that moment to remain for me. It was your moment, but it was that of all Argentines”, introduced Tinelli, who could not fulfill his promise after the World Cup. “Last week I said: I am going to keep the promise. Today I wanted to show it to you. So that you know that I made it eternal as a great moment in my life (…) I think I did something crazy too,” he expressed.

“No! It’s freshly made on top. “How crazy, impressive”, said Lionel Messi with a smile. The only detail was that the driver decided to put three stars on the shirt, even though at that time it was not yet embroidered. “It’s big, huh,” he said. And both ended the emotional moment with a hug. “I saw many people who did crazy things like this. It is spectacular, very well done”he concluded.

Another of the funniest moments of the night was when the driver asked him for an opinion on his new pink look in tribute to Inter Miami. On that occasion, the man from Rosario was more blunt in his response. “Played. But pink is used a lot now. I was surprised. Is played. Nothing happens here (in the United States)”said the footballer.


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