The DIM news at the start of preseason training

The DIM news at the start of preseason training
The DIM news at the start of preseason training


With the presence of Luis Fernando ‘Chino’ Sandoval, 25 years old, as a novelty, the DIM continues its training at the start of the preseason for the second half of 2024.

Those led by the Uruguayan Alfredo Arias prepare at the Itagüí High Performance Center, where Kéner Valencia, 22, also reported for internshipwho arrived from Pereira and due to an injury to one of his ligaments, missed half a year of competition.

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In this way, the players at the disposal of the coaching staff are Anderson Plata, Andrés Dávila, Baldomero Perlaza, Brayan León, Cristian Graciano, Daniel Londoño, Diego Moreno, Éder Chaux, Fáiner Torijano, Íker Blanco, Jaime Alvarado, Jhon Palacios, Jhon Edwin Montaño, Jhon Vásquez, Jimer Fory, José Luis Chunga, José Aja, José Ortiz, Juan David Arizala, Kéner Valencia, Luis Manuel Orejuela, Luis Sandoval, Leyser Chaverra, Malcom Palacios, Ménder García, Miguel Monsalve, Pablo Lima, Santiago Santacruz and Yimi Gomez.

During the last day of training, El Poderoso began practice with gym work and later moved on to field work with the ball, taking into account differential work for the goalkeepers.

They will continue preparing during this week there at their High Performance headquarters and then enter andn concentration starting nextwhere they will train in double and triple shifts.

Furthermore, in terms of contracts, Medellín announced the extension of Brayan León Muñiz’s contract until 2027. They hope that both Brayan and ‘Chino’ Sandoval will be the two players who command the Poderoso attack.

“Under the orders of Professor Alfredo Arias, the group presented medical and physical tests this Monday at the High Performance Center of the Itagüí headquarters and this Tuesday, June 18, it began field work in the complex that the People’s Team has in the south of the Aburrá Valley,” the statement stated.

In other news, the youth John Montaño17 years old, He was called up by César Torres to the Colombia Under-20 National Team.

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All with the objective of being part of the preparatory microcycle for the next CONMEBOL South American U-20, Therefore, it must be submitted from June 20 to July 7 of this year.

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