Spalletti, in love with Spain and Morata: “He is not lazy”

Spalletti, in love with Spain and Morata: “He is not lazy”
Spalletti, in love with Spain and Morata: “He is not lazy”

Luciano Spalletti, Italy coach, evaluated the preview of the match his team plays this Thursday against Spain in Gelsenkirchen. The Tuscan aims to “see an Italy that repeats the good performance it had against Albania, despite having one of the best soccer schools in the world. Spain knows how to play attacking football, it knows how to play with quality, it knows how to create a short team. They perform very well as a group, so we will need to have no rest and a crazy desire to show that ours is also an important school.”

Spain has become Spain and his soccer school is known because it always plays the same way. That’s how they became so recognizable. They did it because they managed maintain the same football philosophy. We often talk about international football and different schools of thought, some more defined than Italy. To reach that stage it is necessary to follow the path of Spain. Always propose the same philosophy. “Sometimes we attack and other times we are forced to defend in our half of the field, but the idea is always to try to play football,” Spalletti added.

“Spain has it all. It is the best brand. Individual qualities and skills as a team. They always do things the same way. I’m curious to see what will happen when they try to press with the 11 men starting with the goalkeeper, what we will decide to do and how we will respond. They beat Croatia because they always pressed at the same pace. Croatia shut down on a couple of occasions and Spain took advantage of it. But Croatia had an excellent performance. We have to maintain consistent performance, be quick to reactrecognize what they are trying to do and make sure that they can’t just move up the field with the ball,” the coach insisted.

Morata and Yamal. “Morata is the best running backwards. He’s not lazy. He runs a lot. In terms of meters traveled and speed, his numbers are incredible, also in maintaining speed over long distances, and that allows him to be more direct. The same as Yamal. Spain has two wingers who like one-on-one situations and one of the problems we will encounter is that when we dominate the game we have to make sure we are in the right position for a turnover, because they are deadly if you leave too much. space”.

Tactical approach against Spain. “The key is to play good football and maintain more possession. Maybe against Spain there are more vertical passes because they don’t wait on the edge of the area. Against Spain we will have to go beyond the defensive line because they are more aggressive and also put pressure on the goalkeeper. Morata presses back passes 20 out of 20 times. Of course: we have the utmost respect for Spain and its players but we should not think that they are better than they really are.”

Paper from Italy. “There are always two ways to win and play football. One is collective play, the other is relying on great champions who are faster and stronger than most. Our path is the first because we do not have someone who is at the highest level and wins games on his own.”

Penalty shooter. “We have several options. Scamacca, Retegui, Barella, Dimarco. Calafiori knows how to take penalties, and so does Jorginho. You don’t have just one, but in the end, only one can throw it. One of those will be the launcher.”

Most important match with Italy. “I have been through some important games, and this one is up to par. We all have a story to tell and when the players reach my age, they will have several. This game could be one of those stories.”

Folorunsho: “I never imagined being with Italy”

Midfielder Michael Folorunsho also appeared in conference stampa. The Italian-Nigerian was questioned about a possible ownership: “We are working hard and trying to make sure we are ready to start. As for whether I will start, I don’t know. You have to ask the boss (Spalletti, at his side). “I am ready to intervene and it is already an honor for me to be here.”

Folorunsho has just made his debut with the Azzurra after shining for Hellas Verona: “It was impossible to think about being here 12 months ago. I don’t think I ever imagined it. At the center of all this is hard work. I have never stopped dreaming and that pushes me forward. When you reach a certain level, you have to work even harder to make sure you stay there. This for me is just another starting point. I have to keep working hard.”

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