Atlético Nacional wants to forgive Cali’s debt; will take away one of your promises

The purslane team, who must receive 615 thousand dollars from the sugar producer’s coffers, made an offer for Juan Córdoba, putting said amount into the negotiation

Atlético Nacional has not ceased to surprise in this transfer market and, after confirming David Ospina and William Tesillo as new reinforcements, he also wants to take over one of the young jewels of Deportivo Cali, taking advantage of the fact that the sugar company owes him a good amount of money. After the FCF Player Status Commission agree with the purslane and demand that Super Depor pay 615 thousand dollars Due to the transfer of Luis Fernando Mosquera in 2013, the Paisa team was smarter and made an offer for Juan José Córdobaone of its extremes, to remain behind.

Juan José Córdoba began his career in Fortaleza and since January 2023 he began to join the ranks of Deportivo Cali. Photo: cordoba_703

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The business between Atlético Nacional and Deportivo Cali by Juan José Córdoba

With the idea of ​​making the perfect combination between experienced players and footballers who look to be the new benchmarks of Colombian football, the directors of Atlético Nacional welcomed make an offer for Juan José Córdoba and save Deportivo Cali good money. According to people close to the purslane complex, the institution He was interested in taking over the services of the right winger for a long time and, as if destiny gave him the guarantee, He made the proposal to the Cali team to keep 50% of their sports rights, but making use of the debt.

The negotiation is very simple: Atlético Nacional sent an offer with an amount to pay and subtracted the 615 thousand dollars from the debt, in order for Deportivo Cali to accept the proposal. This being the case, and as the sugar industry is in a fairly regular economic situation, the directives of the Cali team accepted and conversations began to expedite the transfer. According to the information, negotiations are on the right trackwhich means that the player born in Medellín could be one of the signings of the green paisa.

We must remember that, in matters of numbers, Juan José Córdoba has a value of 1.2 million euros in the transfer market, but Atlético Nacional would only have to pay less than 600 thousand And it could even be cheaper to hire him since he only wants 50% of the winger’s rights. The footballer had action in 19 games in 2024scored 6 goals and made 2 assists, being one of the most relevant footballers in the sugar team.

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