Luciano Cabral Case: They hit the Pachuca Group hard

Luciano Cabral Case: They hit the Pachuca Group hard
Luciano Cabral Case: They hit the Pachuca Group hard

The television series whose protagonist is Luciano Cabral it does not have an end. The steering wheel of Coquimbo Kingdom is the great “star” of this winter market in the chilean soccerliving a new chapter in his possible departure to Mexico.

Supposedly the Pachuca Group had paid the exit clause for the 29-year-old player to sign him in the Club Leon of the Liga MX. But the latest information emerging from the Pirate team indicates the opposite.

In the midst of all this, the charismatic communiqués Cristián Peñailillo spoke with BOLAVIP and made his opinion known regarding this controversial case, directly attacking the Mexican conglomerate.

“It seems to me that Cabral is without a doubt the best player in the first round. What has been done here is to tamper with the player’s name a little, in the sense that the Pachuca Group, which supposedly has millions and millions of dollars to invest, apparently acts a little miserable, without putting up the money that Coquimbo wants,” He started saying.

“Coquimbo said: ‘Whoever has the money to pay the clause gets it.’ So it’s like he gets a little tired. I don’t know what’s going on in the player’s head, apart from the whole traumatic situation he experienced in prison. Today it is seen from Colo Colo, it is said that the U appears, the Pachuca Group appears. I believe that in the end this is a smokescreen, more smoke than reality and certainty,” he added.

Luciano Cabral has become the great “star” of this winter market. (Photo: Photosport)

What Coquimbo Kingdom should do

Followed, the Chico Peñailillo He sent a recommendation to the cast of the Fourth Region, not to sell the Argentine-Chilean soccer player until December.

“I think that what Coquimbo should do is listen to Nano Díaz (first team coach), not promote any rival team, keep it until the end of the year and then sell it,” he stated.

“But what is happening on a day-to-day basis in the Cabral case is that there is no progress, there are no lights, there is no clarity and in the end that is making the player’s head a little dirty,” concluded the television and radio face.

Luciano Cabral’s exit clause

Remember that Cabral has an exit clause in Coquimbo Kingdom that is 500 thousand dollars for 70% of his pass if the offer comes from a Chilean team. While this amounts to a million dollars if the offer comes from abroad.

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