The tik-tok boys turn the Euro Cup upside down

The tik-tok boys turn the Euro Cup upside down
The tik-tok boys turn the Euro Cup upside down

Nico Williams 21 years old, and Lamine Yamal, who will turn 17 next month, the tik-tok kids who make videos in their free time, They got their doctorate last night in Gelsenkirchen, and they turned the Euro Cup upside down with an individual performance which crowned a collective display of printing the De la Fuente Selection.

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Lamine and Nico had a spectacular impact on the match. The first, more of sparks, left two actions of an aspiring genius. One, after a drive in which he masterfully hid the ball, ended with a shot by Morata that Donnarumma rejected. In the second, he invented a shot with his left that described an impeccable trajectory. The ball narrowly went wide to the astonishment of Donnarumma, who already knew it from the Barça-PSG tie. Nico played a more complete game, even. Although the statistics only grant him four completed dribbles out of ten attempted, he drove Di Lorenzo crazy from the beginning and the only thing missing was the goal. Morata, intelligent, cleaned up the plays so that he stayed face to face with the full-back. He made four key passes, according to advanced statistics. And when he was able to run into space, he reached 33.8 km/h. An unattainable sprinter for the Italians.

Until his debut with the National Team, Nico had never played in Europe because Athletic, until this season, had not qualified. Hence the impact he generates in the international sphere, where he was a lesser-known player who is now going to be placed in the orbit of all the greats. The Spain of the bands has more records, but the fresh football of its boys is very striking. Luis de la Fuente has unreservedly bet on them in the tournament and, for now, he wins. He has given them freedom so that, within certain parameters of stability to avoid unnecessary losses of the ball, they can have fun, play it out and go overboard. They are different players and we have to take advantage of it. Spain is the team with the most dribbles in the Euro Cup, with a total of 43. Nico has nine and Lamine, eight. And imbalance is everything in modern football.

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