Cecilio Waterman: “I know that the Uruguayan doesn’t like to be a favorite”

Cecilio Waterman, a Panamanian striker who will not be able to play in the Copa América due to an injury, was in action this Sunday’s match between Panama and Uruguay for the first round of Group C. The one who defended Fénix, Defensor Sporting and Plaza Colonia also pointed out that in the future He would like to play Uruguayan soccer again.

In 100% Sport (Radio Sport 890), Waterman commented this Friday about his absence in the Cup: “I was suffering from a tear, I played the game on day six for the Qualifiers against Guyana, and I broke my scar of the tear. Unfortunately, I miss a tournament as beautiful as the Copa América.”

“Panama has never played in the Copa América and we are going to play against countries that have top players, that’s where the frustration comes from. I wanted to be there and I was there throughout the entire process to qualify, but it’s time to assimilate this and move forward,” highlighted the Alianza Lima footballer from Peru.

Regarding the Celeste, the 33-year-old forward said: “I lived in Uruguay for many years and I know that Uruguayans do not like to be favorites. The Uruguayans know that it will not be an easy match, because it is a Copa América and it is the debut”.

Regarding his team, Waterman recalled that captain Aníbal Godoy, and defenders Fidel Escobar and Andrés Andrade, have been injured: “But the teammates are going to do their best, compete and enjoy the tournament, as was discussed when I was in the team. . I hope everything goes well.”

“The teacher (Danish coach Thomas Christiansen) doesn’t change his idea of ​​the game much. We have been playing a line of five, but with wingers who reach the area and are very good footballers. who play in Europe (Michael Murillo plays for Olympique Marseille and Eric Davis plays for Košice in the Slovak Super League),” said Waterman.

And he added: “Also José Rodríguez (of Famalicão of Portugal), Bárcenas (Mazatlán of Mexico), Fajardo (Universidad Católica of Ecuador) and Carrasquilla (Houston Dynamo of the United States) are very good players; none play in Panama. They are going to compete like Canada competed against Argentina this Thursday. If Panama can play on the counterattack? I think it can happen this way because of the quality of players that Uruguay has.”

The forward also spoke of the great level that his compatriot Luis Mejía, goalkeeper of Nacional, has been showing: “Luis started in the Qualifiers, and now in the last friendly against Paraguay the coach rotated. But from what we have been seeing, the starter will be Luis, It’s crazy what he’s stopping. It must also be nice for him to play against Uruguay, having lived there for so long.”.

And he said about his favorites to win the Cup: “I always support Uruguay, a country that taught me all the values ​​since I was a child.I left many friends there and I see it well. Argentina and Brazil are also favorites, and Colombia has very good players and must take the step. We know that South American football is very competitive and we hope to see a nice Copa América.”

Finally, Waterman (who played for Fénix between 2012 and 2017, for Defensor in 2018 and for Plaza in 2019) noted about a possible return to Uruguayan football: “Let’s hope to play in Uruguay again, even if it’s just to play for a year.. I still follow the Uruguayan league because I left friends and Luis (Mejía) is there saving; Of course I would like to play in a big team in Uruguay”.

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