The ‘host’ Arda Güler receives his idol Cristiano Ronaldo | Euro Cup Germany 2024

The ‘host’ Arda Güler receives his idol Cristiano Ronaldo | Euro Cup Germany 2024
The ‘host’ Arda Güler receives his idol Cristiano Ronaldo | Euro Cup Germany 2024

On Wednesday, after Turkey’s victory over Georgia, the streets of Germany’s main cities became an uncontrolled and rowdy orchestra of horns that did not stop sounding until well after midnight. The community of Turkish immigrants, the largest in German territory with about three million, took to the streets in their vehicles to celebrate the victory of their team. Stuttgart, Munich, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Dortmund were Istanbul.

In Dortmund, Portugal and the Turkey of the groundbreaking Arda Güler meet this Saturday (6:00 p.m., TVE) with the leadership of the group at stake. The Westfalenstadion and its surroundings will be a hive of Turkish fans. An estimated one million of them live in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

As in his country of origin, among residents of Turkish origin in Germany, devotion to Güler has also been unleashed, becoming a symbol of the country since he signed for Real Madrid and now a deity after the wonderful goal he scored against the Georgians. His left-footed shot from 30 meters burst Mamardashvili’s corner and has unleashed passion for his figure in his country. “I work hard on these shots after training,” he revealed at the end of the match. With that goal he surpassed Cristiano Ronaldo as the youngest player to score on his debut in a European Championship. This afternoon, Güler will face the Portuguese attacker, whom he has pointed out as his idol. The Turkish coach, the Italian Vincenzo Montella, unleashed concern yesterday among the Turkish press in Dortmund when he dropped at the press conference that he did not guarantee Güler’s ownership because the data he handles reveals fatigue in the young talent: “Tomorrow I will decide. “It’s not worth risking with such an important player.”

A mass phenomenon like the one Güler has generated did not occur in Turkey with other of the great players in its history such as the scorer Hakan Sukur or the creative Arda Turan. Everyone talks about Güler in his country and in the Turkish neighborhoods on the outskirts of German cities. “I feel incredible. I constantly dreamed of this goal. He wanted to bring happiness to the people here. There is incredible love for me and I work hard to return it. I hope to score more goals like this,” Güler confessed.


The Turkish president himself, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, personally congratulated him on his great goal through a phone call. A letter also arrived on his cell phone that pleasantly surprised him. “Ancelotti also sent me a message to show me his support,” he revealed. Sources close to the Italian coach assure that he is a devotee of the boy’s talent, although he believes that he still needs to become physically fit. The latter, plus the injuries and some relapse or another, meant that he did not give him prominence until the final stretch of the season, in which Madrid had already secured the League title. The same sources assure that when Güler seemed more discouraged, he even called him up for a couple of league games knowing that he was not recovered. The goal was to boost morale. Ancelotti welcomes a loan for next season because he believes that a boy with that talent should play more to avoid stagnating. In Madrid, with the arrival of Mbappé and Endrick, plus Vinicius and Rodrygo, it will be difficult for him to add minutes.

This Euro Cup has become a great showcase for Güler. For the Portugal coach, the Spanish Roberto Martínez, his football has not gone unnoticed either. “We know that Arda Güler is a sensational talent, with an extraordinary future. He is a very effective player. I like teams that give space to younger players. “It’s great to see him play,” the Portuguese national team coach praised him yesterday. “Türkiye is an incredible mix of young talents. We have seen what players like Güler or Yildiz (Juventus) do,” Martínez added. “We can’t give them too much space because individually they can make a difference with players like Güler,” warned winger Rafael Leão.

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