This is how the first TC2000 Final starts

This is how the first TC2000 Final starts
This is how the first TC2000 Final starts

He TC2000 will continue its schedule of activities in the International Circuit “Saint John-Villicum”venue of the 5th date of the 2024 championship, with the dispute of the first Final, which will run today from 17:1520 minutes plus 1 lap, and the starting grid will be made from the application of the time bonuses to the first 8 of the championship.

This way, Tiago Pernía (Renault Fluence GT) will have the opportunity to start from pole position for the 3rd time this season: the previous two were in San Nicolás and he took the victory. Facundo Aldrighetti (Renault Fluence GT), author of the “pole position”, will complete the 1st row, while Leonel Pernia (Renault Fluence GT), the championship leader, will do so from 10th position.

The 2nd row will be made up of the returnee Gabriel Ponce de Leon (Corsi Sport) and the Uruguayan Juan Ignacio Teske (Renault Fluence GT). Meanwhile, the two main animators of the 2024 Top Race V6 championship, Matias Rossi (Toyota Corolla) and “Josito” Di Palma (Fiat Cronos), will make up the 3rd row.

It should be remembered that the top 8 of the championship were penalized with the following time penalties: Leonel Pernia (Renault Fluence GT), 1s2; Bernardo Llaver (Honda Civic), 1s0; Matias Capurro (Renault Fluence GT), 0s8; Matias Rossi (Toyota Corolla), 0s6; Franco Vivian (Honda Civic), 0s4; Figgo Bessone (Renault Fluence GT), 0s3; Facundo Aldrighetti (Renault Fluence GT), 0s2 and Marcelo Ciarrocchi (Toyota Corolla), 0s1.


1st Tiago Pernia Renault Fluence GT 1:43,586
2nd Facundo Aldrighetti Renault Fluence GT 1:43,619
3rd Gabriel P. de Leon Toyota Corolla 1:43,938
4th Juan Ignacio Teske Renault Fluence 1:44,054
5th Matias Rossi Toyota Corolla 1:44,083
6th Luis José Di Palma Fiat Fiat Cronos 1:44,091
7th Damian Fineschi Chevrolet Cruze 1:44,179
8th Marcelo Ciarrocchi Toyota Corolla 1:44,368
9th Matias Capurro Renault Fluence GT 1:44,535
10th Leonel Pernia Renault Fluence GT 1:44,646
11th Figgo Bessone Renault Fluence GT 1:44,652
12th Franco Vivian Honda Honda Civic 1:44,655
13th Mariano Pernia Chevrolet Cruze 1:44,845
14th Emiliano Stang Fiat Fiat Cronos 1:44,925
15th Bernardo Llaver Honda Honda Civic 1:45,000
16th Ignacio Mendez Chevrolet Cruze 1:45,051
17th Nicolas Palau Ford Focus 1:45,233
18th Juan Pablo Traverso Toyota Corolla 1:46,397
19th Ulysses Campillay Toyota Corolla 1:46,749
20th Lucas Guerra Ford Focus 2:17,798
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