McLaren denies that they are already ahead of Red Bull in F1 2024

McLaren denies that they are already ahead of Red Bull in F1 2024
McLaren denies that they are already ahead of Red Bull in F1 2024

McLaren’s latest performances, in which it has been able to fight face to face with Red Bull for victories, have made everyone in the paddock point to the Woking team and there are many voices that affirm that apart from being the most consistent , the result of Spanish GPan event in which everything seemed to indicate that the Austrians would dominate again, confirms that they are already the fastest.

However, despite getting pole position and showing a dizzying pace, The director of the papaya-colored team refused to say that they are already ahead of Red Bull and simply said that personally and internally it is “a great achievement” to hear those positive comments after seeing where they were not so long ago.

“I think the two cars are very, very close, that’s what I would say. And it’s a great achievement for McLaren to talk about being at the same level as Red Bull, but we want to continue developing the car,” said an ambitious Andrea Stella.

On the other hand, the Italian showed disappointed at not having been able to fight for victory and finish the race in second position, just 2.2 seconds behind Max Verstappen. According to Andrea Stella, the key was in the startin which Lando Norris went from first to third place.

“I think we let the victory slip away in the first corner. It’s not a surprise to lose in Barcelona even if we were in pole position, because there is a long straight until that first corner.”

As to the alternative strategy of McLaren with Norris to catch Verstappen and Red Bull on the wrong foot, which was widely criticized after the race, Andrea Stella assured that It was the best they could do today and he praised his engineers for being this daring..

“The strategy was good. I want to praise our team for preparing that strategy so carefully. We knew that here you can’t pit too early, because if we did it early we would run out of tires. In the end we lost the opportunity to fight for the victory, it’s a shame,” concluded the director of McLaren in Formula 1.

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