Milad admits friction in La Roja after debut in the 2024 Copa América

Milad admits friction in La Roja after debut in the 2024 Copa América
Milad admits friction in La Roja after debut in the 2024 Copa América

The Red added a goalless draw in the debut of the Copa America 2024although he had at the feet of Alexis Sanchez a very clear opportunity to unevent. But the Tocopillano could not direct his shot into the goal of Pedro Gallese, Peru’s goalkeeper.

The historic scorer of the Chilean team lived a tense moment with Eduardo Vargas in the middle of the game against Bicolor. It was one of the frictions that the team had in that rocky match against the Peruvian squad. And the president of the ANFP admitted these differences.

“It is always maturing as a team. This helps us for the qualifiers, which is the most important thing. for us. But we do want to go as high as possible in this championship,” he said. Pablo Milad in an interview with DSports Chile, where he made it clear that there were mixed opinions in the locker room.

In any case, he did not want to leave an objective for public knowledge. “There is no minimum when you want the best.”. Then we’ll see where we go. These championships serve to unite the groupto develop a game dynamic, correct the self-criticism of the players and the team,” explained the Curican leader.

Alexis Sánchez regrets the goal lost against Peru. (Jose Luis Melgarejo/Mexsport/Photosport).

“This helps them talk more and maintain necessary communication.”“, also noted the former president of United Curico to anticipate the second date of the contest: the Everyone’s Team will face Argentinawhich clearly surpassed to Canada at the premiere.

Milad reveals “discrepancies” in La Roja after the complex debut in the Copa América 2024

In any case, in La Roja there was some crossover after the debut in the Copa América 2024, which furthermore ended with the muscle injury of Diego Valdes. For this reason, Tigre Gareca is already fine-tuning details so that Darío Osorio take the place of the offensive midfielder for América de México.

“Probably “There was some discrepancy on the field that is later fixed because it is part of the game.”, acknowledged Pablo Milad, who took those fevers as a natural part of the game. Something that he also knew firsthand during his time in basketball.

Gabriel Suazo does not pass the ball to Andy Polo. (Ron Jenkins/Getty Images)

In this way, Gareca must continue with the preparation for this match, which will be played this Tuesday June 25 at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey starting at 21 hoursaccording to continental Chile time.

This is how Chile goes in the standings of Group A of the Copa América 2024

La Roja was in third place in the Group A table in the Copa América 2024. It shares the area with Canada, Peru and Argentina, its next rival.

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