Caamaño responds to Vidal: “If we talked, your career in the national team would have lasted until Ferrari”

Caamaño responds to Vidal: “If we talked, your career in the national team would have lasted until Ferrari”
Caamaño responds to Vidal: “If we talked, your career in the national team would have lasted until Ferrari”

In the run-up to the duel between Chile and Argentina for the Copa América, Arturo vidal He talked about everything with YouTuber Davoo Xeneize, where he pointed out that “it helps the press that we lose.” Following these statements, Cristian Caamaño He responded strongly in Kickoff to the two-time champion of America with the Red, and sent him a forceful message to refresh his memory.

“In Chile we have never been candidates for anything. If it were up to the press, Chile always has to do badly“And I tell you, the mentality inside, of the players, we had faith in each other,” were part of Vidal’s words against the Chilean journalistic sector.

Vidal’s crash

To which Caamaño responded that “Arturo Vidal when he speaks shows that he is an extraordinary footballer, there is no doubt. When he opens his mouth, unfortunately, he generates antibodies in the opposing fanssometimes in one’s own companions, now he wants to grab the press“.

“The same press that, he doesn’t remember, but in which many did not want him to be removed from the national team when everyone, with half a brain, understood that his crash in the Ferrari was cause for his departure from the national team. He forgets many things. He forgets that heThe press was blocked from leaving the Monticello before the match with Paraguay, which Chile lost 3-0 in the previous Qualifiers; when he closed the apartment there at the exit of Santiago and the police arrived at 6:30 in the morning to end the party,” added the Sports in Agriculture commentator.

This is how Arturo Vidal’s Ferrari looked after the crash that the steering wheel was involved in during the 2015 Copa América. Agencia Uno.

But Caamaño did not stop there and pointed out that “then, really, Arturo Vidal, what is it going to be good for us if Chile does badly? When the press protected you your entire career, he covered all of these and all of these too, like when Sampaoli sent you back in September 2015 in a friendly with Paraguay, back to Germany. If we spoke, Arturo Vidal, Believe me, your career in the national team would have possibly lasted until the Ferrari“.

Gareca’s XI to face Argentina

Regarding the purely soccer aspect, facing this afternoon’s momentous duel against Argentina, Caamaño reflected on the XI that he will field Ricardo Gareca at MetLife Stadium, in which only the replacement of the injured man stands out Diego Valdés by Darío Osorioregarding the goalless draw with Peru.

“Gareca’s decision to support the team is surprising, regardless of Osorio because, obviously, a footballer had to be put in place of Diego Valdés. But After a bad performance, usually comes some situation of change But Gareca is at this point where he wants to give continuity to an XI, and give confidence to certain players who, perhaps, could have a bad night,” Caamaño reflected.

After the match against Bicolor, “changes were expected and Gareca, in the old-school style, beyond Osorio, keeps the same ones as if to say ‘You know guys, anyone can have a bad night, but now it’s real, it’s a game where I want to see them’“he added.

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