Alarm in River: Paulo Díaz could execute the exit clause and be a new Al Qadsiah player

Alarm in River: Paulo Díaz could execute the exit clause and be a new Al Qadsiah player
Alarm in River: Paulo Díaz could execute the exit clause and be a new Al Qadsiah player

Paulo Díaz has an offer from Saudi football on the table and is seriously analyzing executing the exit clause. River would be left without one of its figures.

By Ubaldo Kunz

06/25/2024 – 18:17hs ART

© Getty ImagesPaulo Díaz could leave River in this transfer market.

Paulo Díaz is River’s best player so far this season. The Chilean was a true bastion in defense and was also largely responsible for the Millonario suffering less than expected, in a semester that was extremely irregular. When he could not play, due to injury or to be preserved, the team suffered and missed him. The clearest example was the match against Temperley for the Argentine Cup, which ended in an unusual and avoidable elimination.

When everything seemed to indicate that the team of the new River was going to be Paulo Díaz plus ten, there is news that seems to shake that idea. The thing is Al-Qadsiah, a team that has just been promoted to the First Division of the Saudi Professional League, is interested in the River defender. And not only that: the Arabs already contacted the Chilean’s representative and he gave the ok to start negotiating. Unexpected bombshell.

At River they know that it is very likely that Paulo Díaz will leave. On the one hand, because the Chilean’s exit clause is 8 million euros net, a sum that seems quite achievable for Al-Qadsiah’s coffers. And, on the other hand, because of a desire of the player that has been coming for a long time. The Chilean wants a change of scenery, he was waiting for the end of the Copa América to analyze European options, but this interest from the Saudi team seemed to seduce him.

What did Paulo Díaz say about his eventual departure from River in this passing market?

In the run-up to the match against the Argentine National Team, Paulo Díaz himself left the door open for his departure from the club. Although he stated that he had an old desire and challenge to play in European football, a few hours later the offer came from a club in Saudi Arabia, which is willing to execute the termination clause and pay him a contract that far exceeds the one he receives in River.

Faced with this situation, the Millionaire is practically defenseless. It depends exclusively on the player’s decision, whether he desists from executing his clause and rejects the Saudi team’s proposal. Something that would seem not to happen, due to the first contacts that have already occurred and how the negotiations progressed in these first hours. River is about to lose its best defender and at this point in the transfer market, it is a real headache.

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