Real Valladolid eliminates the girls’ youth team that won the league and leaves the players in the lurch

The growth of the women’s football section at Real Valladolid he seemed unstoppable. The absolute team, the Real Valladolid Simancas, promoted at the end of the season to the Third RFEF, national category. The The girls’ youth team, for its part, was proclaimed league champion, in a competition that is also mixed. Everything was going well for women’s football in Valladolid to gradually reach the level it is in other major cities. But the brakes came and, the worst thing is, it came from within.

This Wednesday the story of the girls’ children’s team appeared on social media, which, apparently, is now left without a prize since the cadet/youth team that they had to go to has not been registered.

According to the account @yustin published on ‘X’ on Wednesday: “On 06/24/24 the registration forms close so that you can sign up for the clubs. On 06/28/24 Real Valladolid informs parents via WhatsApp that there will be no women’s team next year of their category and therefore are left without a team and without the possibility of signing up for another one.” Something that, according to the account itself, leaves more than a dozen players in the gutter who have not been able to contain their inconsolable tears upon learning about it.

TRIBUNA Valladolid has been able to contact one of the people affected by this situation, but he did not want to reveal his identity for fear of reprisals in the future. “Real Valladolid made the pre-registration with the intention of registering that team. But On the date to do so, he backed out and was ultimately not registered.“, this person indicates. Likewise, the source confirms that “between 10 and 15 players are going out on the street” some of them “selected by the Castilla y León Football Federation.”

On Tuesday, as @yustin explains, “there was a meeting and the parents thought that the club had the intention of solving something, but it didn’t, that’s why The girls have been crying since yesterday“, she laments. Furthermore, she adds, that “the problem is not that they did not choose, but that they were all already signed up to the team and it was later when they announced that they were closing it. And that is that The registration period for the federation has been closed (who by the way is behaving great, they tell me, they let them sign up anyway)”. So from this same account they ask that “try to fix it now!”

The quarry route is cut off

The problem goes further, since the path of the quarry is thus cut off. The federation this year has released some all-female leagues. A provincial junior/youth league and another regional cadet/youth category. In such a way that they group the girls by categories for women’s leagues. The club had all the categories, but Now, from 13 to 15 years old, they have to go to then have to return for the following categories that the club has.

According to TRIBUNA, the justification they have given to those affected is that the decision responds to economic reasons, due to the moments of uncertainty that the club is going through. “Although the biggest victims of this situation are only the female youth players “of this team,” says the affected person.

The discouragement caused is such that, according to what they tell this newspaper, There are players who think about quitting “Others cannot believe that the club of their heart would do this to them.” “That club and that team, when there were no volunteers, they were the ones who went many times to cheer on the first team in the flag waving at the stadium,” they say.

Still, it seems, as @yustin indicates, that the federation would be willing to accept the registration, as long as the club provides the speed and, above all, the intention to solve it.

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