Will Messi play? Scaloni reveals details of Leo’s injury before Argentina-Ecuador and talks about refereeing in the Copa America

Will Messi play? Scaloni reveals details of Leo’s injury before Argentina-Ecuador and talks about refereeing in the Copa America
Will Messi play? Scaloni reveals details of Leo’s injury before Argentina-Ecuador and talks about refereeing in the Copa America


Argentina will be measured this Thursday against Ecuador in the match for the 2024 Copa America quarter-finals and the big question is whether he will play or not Lionel Messi.

The captain of the Albiceleste missed the match against Peru due to a contracture in his right adductor muscle. Messi He wanted to take it easy.

Copa America 2024: Here are the quarter-final matches; day and time of the matches confirmed

“We will wait a little while, we will wait a couple of hours and we will make the decision. One more day is always better. Yesterday we had good feelings and today we will take this day to define the team. Based on the response we have today, we will decide,” he said. Stairs.

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The strategist of Argentina He did not rule out a duo between Julián Álvarez and Lautaro Martínez, who has been on fire in this America Cup.

“When Leo has played, Julián and Lautaro have also played. The statistics do not change the fact that Leo is not playing. We will try to get him to play and then, if he is not, we will try to do the best for the team. I will speak to him today, I think it is fair that he takes his time and trains as much as possible,” he added.

With four world champions: Argentina’s squad for the 2024 Paris Olympics. And Messi?

Playing with double nine against Ecuador It is a huge possibility. “It could be, of course. They have already played together against this rival. We will make the decision after today’s training session. We are not ruling anything out because they have worked well and it is an option. Lautaro is in a very good moment, he took advantage of his opportunity. They are both fine, we hope that this streak continues tomorrow,” he stressed.

More quotes from Scaloni

His one-match suspension:

“Everyone likes to be there, especially when you are the coach. The situation is strange, we will try to prevent it from happening again. It was not just me. I need to be close to my players, even though the coaching staff did wonderfully well.”

Complaints about the refereeing at the 2024 Copa América and the alleged “help” to the Argentine National Team

“Anyone can write anything on social media. In Qatar they said the same thing. When someone wins, people tend to say that they favour the team that is winning. I don’t think so. Referees can make mistakes, they are human beings. There are plays, even with the VAR, that are very fine. We still don’t have the technology that they use in Europe. Human error still exists, regardless of whether the VAR is there. It will always be there and I completely rule it out.”

The exorbitant ticket prices to watch the grand final of the 2024 Copa América at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami

Ecuador, rival in the quarterfinals

“Ecuador is a well-trained team, it has good players and a good coach. It is one of the good teams in the Copa America. It has a real chance of being able to compete for the Copa America. There are no matches that are the same, even though we played recently.”

Title contenders in the Copa America

“It is a very high-level tournament, with teams that are doing very well. Anyone can easily reach the final and compete with the best in the world. Yesterday we saw a high-level match between Colombia and Brazil. Uruguay is also doing very well, it is not surprising. From what we could see, it was going to be like that.”

Argentine coaches in the teams that won groups: Scaloni, Bielsa, Lorenzo and Fernando Batista

“It marks a good trend. South American teams always look up to Argentine coaches and I am happy because I know them, they are good people and it makes me feel very good.”

His good statistics in the kill or be killed matches

“In the end, that statistic can be broken and we will have to start from scratch, but if you look at the historical statistics, Argentina wins more than it loses and I think that is where the issue lies. Tomorrow we will play the match as if it lasted 180 minutes.”

Your opinion on the Euro Cup

“I did the coaching course with Luis de la Fuente, you didn’t have that one, did you? I want Spain to do well and he helped us guys who did the course at Las Rosas a lot. I like how he handles things and how the players give of themselves to him. Part of my family is Spanish and logically I’m going for Spain.”

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