Real Madrid | Jude Bellingham will avoid surgery this summer

Real Madrid | Jude Bellingham will avoid surgery this summer
Real Madrid | Jude Bellingham will avoid surgery this summer
The Englishman, who is playing in the European Championship with his national team, had shoulder problems for much of last season, But his pain has not been enough for the Madrid player to undergo surgery this summer, according to ‘AS’.

Jude Bellingham was injured last November in a league match against Rayo Vallecano. The midfielder He had a bad fall in a game with Isi Palazón at the beginning of the match. Bellingham finished the match without complaining about his shoulderbut the discomfort in that part of the body accompanied him throughout the season.

Bellingham, according to the source cited, played with a shoulder pad that limited his mobility. The pain was present in the first days after the match against Rayobut they have not prevented him from finishing playing a very good campaign with Real Madrid. The most likely thing is that the Englishman Keep playing with protection to avoid aggravations in the areaalthough sooner or later it will have to be looked at with more caution this injury.

Brahim continues his path

Brahim started before Bellingham with shoulder problems. The attacker naturalized by Morocco He injured his shoulder in September, in the league derby at the Metropolitano. Brahim also suffered a serious fall and, like Bellingham, continued to play in that match, as he fell a few minutes before the end of that match. The attacker spent several days with his shoulder immobilized, but he had no further problems finishing the season.

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