Osasuna’s new kit exceeds expectations among fans

Osasuna’s new kit exceeds expectations among fans
Osasuna’s new kit exceeds expectations among fans

The little ones have also been among the first buyersOscar Montero


It has met expectations. In fact, I expected much less,” said Albaro Aranaz, a member of Osasuna. The first fans arrived near the club’s official store to buy the shirt at “10:00 or 10:30 in the morning,” as explained by the Store Manager, Isabel Mendiara. The expectation to see the designs after it was confirmed that Macron would dress Osasuna for at least the next 6 seasons was at its peak on social networks, and the feelings during the first hour of sale were frankly positive in the words of the manager of the red store. A fan who got the shirt, Rafa González, explained that he expected “what Macron did,” referring to a custom and elaborate designalso stating that it reminds him of “one of the first Astore kits” due to the detail of the engraved shield. The only drawback, he pointed out, is that the red reminds him of the Diadora kit “because of the red that is not so intense”. For David Albéniz, another of the first buyers, the main game shirt is “very cool and very original”, and he also highlighted the quality of the product: “I think the embroidery is much better than the previous one”.

The story of Gonzalo Landarech is more surprising, as this fan admitted that he had gone to the store without having seen photos of the new kit and was “pleasantly surprised”. “I didn’t come with the intention of buying it and I leave with it in my hand”he joked. Similarly, the young fan said he did not have many expectations for the new brand, but “against all odds”, he loved it. He added that the Navarre-themed motifs are more surprising “in person than in the video”, a feeling that other fans also agreed with.

Maren Villanueva is an example that the shirt It also made an impression on the little onesThe young fan went to the shop accompanied by his mother and several of his friends, and did not miss the opportunity to buy it. “I really liked it,” he said, excited. He also highlighted the symbolism used in the detail of the shirt, describing the motifs printed using the sublimation technique in Osasuna’s characteristic red as “very cool.”

Meanwhile, interactions on the club’s social media were on fire with the publication of the presentation spot for the first kit. Likewise, the impressions of the first fans to see the shirt physically were also extrapolated to the networks. The X user (former Twitter user) @lavillarojilla praised the work of the Italian brand, pointing out that “it has landed on its feet” in Pamplona. He concluded his tweet by stating that “breaking with Adidas is the best thing Osasuna could have done.” @BoniAgain, also on X, explained that this kit is “the perfect example” of how he prefers “a normal brand that works for you” rather than “an Adidas or Nike that gives you the first thing they have.” On the contrary, not all opinions were glowing. The Elon Musk network user @AnderTorres11 described the kit as “classic, with details from our land,” but “boring.” “It’s not a catalogue product, but they haven’t racked their brains too much either,” he criticised, giving it six points out of ten.

On Instagram, the presentation video was also the subject of positive reviews. @Kikocisneros commented: “I like it, I expected it to be simpler and the embroidered details are cool.” Many fans agreed in the comments of the post, praising the details of the elastic, which were also highly valued by the first buyers.

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