Gianluca Lapadula with great offers from Pisa, Cesena and Bari

Gianluca Lapadula with great offers from Pisa, Cesena and Bari
Gianluca Lapadula with great offers from Pisa, Cesena and Bari

The exact opportunity has arrived to become an element that solves things. Peruvian National Team He has a player at a low level, but week by week he must now focus on improving in order to later wear the sacred shirt. Gianluca Lapadula He is not fine, missing many opportunities in the last Copa America 2024and ended up being questioned by his fans. But that is not heard in Europe right now, because his name is still the solution for some cases.

Where will Gianluca Lapadula play now?

The Italian news portal, Sport Paperadvances the exact concepts, on the immediate future of one of the great captains of the Peruvian National Team. Who will not continue in the Cagliariif everything continues on the same path, until today: “Gianluca Lapadula is a striker who is a guarantee for Serie B, the 34-year-old player is probably looking for a new experience and the first club that contacted him was Pisa.”

An important point is that they know him well, they know what he can deliver in the short term. That is why the Peruvian striker is considered a special request for these clubs: “Inzaghi coached Lapadula during his time at Benevento and now he would like to bring him back, a negotiation that is not easy given the player’s high salary, but the Nerazzurri club seems to have an advantage over Bari and Cesena who have asked for information.”

Gianluca Lapadula Likewise, he will have competition in one of them, if he ends up signing in this transfer market. An old acquaintance will also be wearing similar colours, as mentioned in the closing article by the Italian news portal, Sport Paper: “Pisa is also in talks with Nicolas Viola, formerly of Cagliari, but the Rossoblu itself could be willing to keep him for a couple more seasons.”

Gianluca Lapadula at the 2024 Copa América. (Photo: IMAGO).

Let’s remember that the last season with a shirt Cagliari He only got a few minutes due to an injury. In the end he saved the Italian team from relegation with his work as a strong man in the interior, he contributed few goals, but the story was nice in general terms. These problems would be taking him out of the Rossoblu, so he must analyze the proposals that are coming right now. All in search of constant improvement.

How much does Gianluca Lapadula currently earn at Cagliari?

Gianluca Lapadula earns 3 million euros a year at Cagliari, which is a fairly high average for the international market. With one more season at Cagliari, the Peruvian star will pocket around 6 million euros. And if he wants, he can be sold to another club, but they will have to pay a significant amount of money if that is the final destination. El Bambino is highly valued.

How long does Lapadula have a contract with Cagliari?

Gianluca Lapadula has a contract with Cagliari until June 2025. He joined the team to achieve promotion to Serie A, but is now fighting to stay in the top division, having been in the last places at risk of relegation to Serie B. But with his talent, hierarchy, and desire to do things well, he managed to keep Cagliari in the first division of Serie A.

Survey Should Gianluca Lapadula leave Cagliari?

Should Gianluca Lapadula leave Cagliari?


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