The ‘descent into hell’ of referee Garrido Concha

The ‘descent into hell’ of referee Garrido Concha
The ‘descent into hell’ of referee Garrido Concha

Life sometimes has inexplicable situations and one of them is the one that the referee from Soria, Javier Garrido Concha, is suffering in his own flesh, who after four seasons assisting in the Second Division is forced to leave the world of refereeing or referee in youth football. Technical Committee of Referees A few days ago, he was relegated and surprisingly he cannot be on the sidelines of the First Federation, the Second or the Third… A career cut short. Seeing is believing.

He May 18th Last year Garrido Concha had the opportunity to be part of the refereeing trio for the match that took place on the Burtaque field Leganés and Sporting Gijóntwo teams that were playing for their lives in their goal of going up to the First Division. Leganés won 2-1 and took a giant step towards promotion. It was the last appearance on the pitch for the Soria native and who knows if it will be his last memory before ‘hanging up the whistle’, in this case ‘hanging up the flag’.

Garrido Concha did not expect this outcome in a season that was his fourth in a row in the professional league. More experience and more knowledge to continue in the second division of Spanish football. However, last week the Technical Committee of Referees that he presides Luis Medina Cantalejo The names of the promotions and relegations were announced and in the latter section Garrido Concha appeared. The Soria native was no longer an assistant referee in the Second Division.

He who does not console himself is because he does not want to and anyone could think that from the First Federation he could gain momentum for the next campaign to return to professionalism. To the surprise of everyone, the decision of the Technical Committee of Referees implies having to leaving the world of arbitration or starting from scratchthat is, refereeing in the lower categories of Soria football. Incredible!

The reason for this ‘descent into hell’ in the blink of an eye is none other than the contract that assistant referees are forced to sign when they make the leap to professional football, in which the “exclusive dedication” is clearly stated, according to well-informed sources. “You can only dedicate yourself to refereeing in the case of Javier Garrido Concha, who was forced to ask for a leave of absence from his job,” say these same sources, who add that “This is all very unfair”.

Garrido Concha from Soria.HDS

Garrido Concha has been almost fifteen years in the world of arbitration And now his future is unknown. He started from the bottom, in the lower categories of Soria football, until he reached professional level and all the work and effort could fall by the wayside.

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