Euro 2024 | Simeone can save Bellingham

Euro 2024 | Simeone can save Bellingham
Euro 2024 | Simeone can save Bellingham

03/07/2024 at 16:47


All England is in suspense at the possible sanction that Jude Bellingham could receive for his celebration after the goal against Slovakia. The Real Madrid player made a gesture pointing to his genitals after scoring in stoppage time and forcing extra time.

English He had to post a message on his social media to explain it, following accusations that it had been directed at the rival bench. “A gesture that is an inside joke towards some close friends who were at the game. Nothing but respect for how the Slovakia team played tonight,” he wrote on his profile.

Despite the explanationsUEFA has decided to intervene and open a disciplinary investigation for “a possible breach of basic rules of good conduct.” The Disciplinary Committee is expected to make a decision before Saturday, when England play Switzerland in the quarter-finals.

Simeone’s precedent

In Bellingham’s favour is the precedent that ‘Cholo’ Simeone starred in 2019. In the Champions League match between Atlético de Madrid and Juventus, The Argentine coach made a gesture very similar to that of the Englishman and was also investigated for it.

In that case, There was no sanction of any kind at the sporting level and Simeone was able to sit on the bench in the following matches. The only sanction was a fine of 40,000 euros.

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