“Everything goes through him at the Lakers”

“Everything goes through him at the Lakers”
“Everything goes through him at the Lakers”

Your son Bronny on the team and his podcast friend JJ Redick as a new coach. Although it is said that LeBron stays on the sidelines when looking for a coach – or so many media outlets in the United States try to make it seem – recent events suggest that The King He’s the one who calls the shots for the Lakers.

Shaquille O’Nealalways so direct and frank, certainly knows that he does. The center told the hard truth to LeBron James on his podcast.

“Everything goes through LeBron with the Lakers. Everything goes to LeBron and I know that from the fact that when you’re in a position to leadership You have to know everything. I was in that position for a long time and nothing happened without my permission. The only time something happened without my permission was when they cut off my head and pierced me. So Kobe He took control and nothing happened without his permission,” said the five-time NBA champion.

Shaq also lashed out at the decision to name JJ Redick as the new coach.

“It’s crazy that an inexperienced guy can overshadow another guy like that. Sam Cassell (Celtics assistant), who’s been in the league 15 years. But let me say, no disrespect to JJ, but I think Sam should be viewed the same way. But I’m happy for JJ, a lot of pressure, it’s not going to be enough to win games,” O’Neal lamented.

He MVP of 2000 He wanted to vindicate the work of Sam Cassell, who has played for the Wizards, Clippers, Sixers and Celtics, winning a ring this year, but not yet having reached the position of head coach.

Despite O’Nealeç’s support for Redick, the Laker legend once again fired back at the coach: “I saw something funny on Instagram, it said he was an assistant coach for a fourth-grade girls’ team. That’s his only coaching experience.”

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