The Lakers are finally on the move

The Lakers are finally on the move
The Lakers are finally on the move

It’s not been the best summer for the Lakers. The Los Angeles franchise is immersed in a kind of failed reconstruction, without achieving anything it sets out to do. beyond selecting Bronny James at number 55 in the draftWith that, they have ensured LeBron James’ permanence in the entity (104 million in two seasons), but little more. Elimination against the Nuggets in the first round of playoffs (4-1) precipitated Darvin Ham’s departurebut since then a process has begun that never ends and things are still not tied up for next season. Yes, that is, with two assistants tied up: Nate McMillan (ex of Blazers or Pacers) and Scott Brooks (who was head coach at Kevin Durant’s Thunder).

Before that, there were many refusals. The last one was Terry Stotts, but not the first. The former Blazers coach has turned down a position as assistant alongside JJ Redick, who landed on the team after another refusal, Dan Hurley’swho preferred to stay at UcConn to win the third consecutive NCAA title instead of accepting the Lakers’ offer. He has not been the only one: Dwayne Casey, Sam Cassell or James Borrego have not entered the coaching staff either and there had been talk of them. And, for now, Redick is the coach but he doesn’t have a team to work with or prepare for next season.. A complicated situation as we enter the month of July and which entails a series of difficulties for the people of Los Angeles.

There has not been any luck with the players either. The Lakers have renewed Max Christie, but they have not gotten the third star that LeBron was asking for even forgiving part of the salary that he could receive (and will end up receiving) and they continue with the same roster as last season, one that has already proven insufficient to compete for a ring that was won in 2020 with a series of players who began to leave shortly after. The signing of Russell Westbrook, inexplicably, unraveled the course. And the last years of LeBron, who is approaching 40 but is still playing at a great level.have been wasted in an inexplicable way that has seemed too illogical to many.

The charges target Rob Pelinka and Jeannie Buss, the company’s director and owner, respectively. Without salary cap room and in a bad economic moment as a franchise, the whole situation is resigned to taking advantage of LeBron’s last years. There is only one way: with continuous applause, longevity records and many new moments for history that will bring a series of eyes on a franchise that can only aspire to that. To show off its last great legend, who it wants to renew for the next three seasons. Thus, the king He will become the player who has played the most in NBA history, something extraordinary. Another milestone in his long sporting career, that of one of the best athletes of all time. That’s what the Lakers are clinging to. They can’t rely on much more. They are, in fact, all negative.. One after the other. Non-stop.

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