Barça responds to Vitor Roque and Raphinha’s commissions

Barça responds to Vitor Roque and Raphinha’s commissions
Barça responds to Vitor Roque and Raphinha’s commissions


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He FC Barcelona has answered the 50 questions asked on May 22 by Dignitat Blaugrana, including those referring to the commissions paid by the club for the signings of Vitor Roque and Raphinha. The response from the Blaugrana is dated June 19 and is signed by the secretary Josep Cubells. Dignitat Blaugrana is a platform that represents a group of Barcelona fans who want “a more dignified and more open club” And this Wednesday, on his social networks, he published the answers of the FC Barcelona.

One of the issues that most worried Dignitat Blaugrana was the signing of Vitor Roque, then represented by Deco, now sporting director of FC Barcelona. Barça, in this regard, assures that “When the position was offered to Deco, he was providing professional services on his own account that were incompatible with his new position at the club. For this reason, he needed a reasonable and reasonable period of time to disassociate himself from his previous obligations as a player agent.”

Barça also adds that “no” They never had a direct or indirect professional or commercial relationship Deco and André Cury until the signing of Deco as technical secretary in August 2023. Likewise, Barça adds that it was aware that there was not, and is not, any relationship between Deco and Cury or between Deco and Vitor Roque.

Regarding the commission paid by Barça for Vitor Roque, the club responds: “This information is subject to confidentiality clauses, but in any case, the amount to be paid is within the market price for this type of operation.” Barça also says in its responses that “there is no natural person who has received a commission for this operation. FC Barcelona signed an intermediation contract dated July 7, 2023 with the Brazilian company Sandro e Ehler Assessoria and Gestao Esportiva Ltda.


The club also does not provide any figures regarding the commissions for the signing of Raphinha. It says that “The details of the contracts with the agents and the amounts are the result of the negotiations carried out in each case. The total amount to be paid was authorized by both the executives and the appropriate members of the Board of Directors. “based on the Club’s current protocol for approval and signing of contracts.”

He also claims that after Deco stopped representing Raphinha, “The player appointed a lawyer from Barcelona as his representative to discuss his affairs.”

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