Ferrari’s paradoxical strategy to eradicate the rebound effect

The famous ‘bottoming’ or ‘posing’ It came back strongly in 2022, with the change of regulations. After two seasons with these ground effect cars, most teams have largely managed to remove it, but Ferrari continues to have many rebound problems this year, especially since Barcelonaand that’s one of the reasons it’s been a bit delayed.

The solution is not easy, because these constant jumps appeared more with the last package of improvements that they introduced. Some updates, those of Barcelona, ​​that according to Vasseur work correctly and that They are trying to understand, since they give them more aerodynamic load, but on the other hand they are making them suffer from this ‘porpoising’.

They can’t wait any longer. The Scuderia has taken a rather drastic measure for Silverstone, in order to be at the top as soon as possible and go into this short break with a better taste in their mouths. According to Motorsport Italia, The Italian team will use a less “powerful” rear diffuser with the aim of controlling the bounce, even if they lose aerodynamic load.

It will be a step backwards, because lose downforce It means losing some lap time, but by maintaining the rebound they also lose that time. So their tactic is to remove that problem and from there continue to advance in future improvements. They will also debut the rear wing designed specifically for the British track and they will surely have a very busy free practice with many tests with the new diffuser.

Leclerc and Science.

Everyone works in Maranello

The solution could make them meet again The upward path that Mercedes and McLaren are now onbecause in F1, when a team’s factory stagnates and doesn’t improve, until it finds its way, no new part works much for them. The drivers are fully committed to the project and are helping with everything they can to be able to fight for victories again. And now they need as many points as possible, because Woking are getting dangerously close to them in the championship.

On Monday, Carlos Sainz was in the Maranello simulator and on Tuesday it was Charles Leclerc’s turn. Both complained a lot about the rebound in Austria and have made themselves available to the team to help with the solution. The ‘porpoising’ makes them lift their foot a little in the fast corners and also overheats the tyres more, so they are aware that they need to get rid of it to regain confidence with the SF-24.

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