“The logistics have been crazy” | Relevo

“The logistics have been crazy” | Relevo
“The logistics have been crazy” | Relevo

Hugo Duro is a Valencian forever. The Getafe striker has had a summer in which he married the Valencian pilot Nerea Martí and his contract extension until 2028 has become a fact. The renewal, whose process you can follow step by step in this medium, was a priority for the club since March when negotiations began and will place him as one of the highest paid in the squad, exceeding 2.5M gross and with a clause of 80 million euros.

Its renovation has been carried out in a very peculiar way: Toni Cuquerella, former F1 mechanic and commentator on DAZN for the ‘Big Circus’ He ventured to give the hook with a “textbook renewal”, one of his typical phrases on television. While the main course came later with the voice of Antonio Lobato: Mestalla was the Grand Prix, the tires were ‘Hard’ and the famous narrator reviewed the career of the Valencian striker.

The announcement was not a coincidence. Hugo has many links to the world of motorsports. To begin with, his wife is The talented Formula 1 Academy driver, Nerea Martí, whose level is beyond any doubt. On the other hand, Hugo has been a fan of the motor world since he was a child and like every Spaniard, he is of alonsi to the bone.

Hugo was in Montmeló last weekend, whenever he can he accompanies Nerea to see her compete and Next weekend he will be at Silverstone to watch another Grand Prix of the king of motorsport. One of the striker’s favourite activities, which he sometimes cannot do due to the physical demands it entails, is to go on a go-karting with his friends.

But it doesn’t stop there. Hugo’s links to the motorsport world are such that he doesn’t just follow F1: He loves following Formula 2, Formula 3 and according to those closest to him he controls all kinds of terms: ‘telemetry’, ‘overcut’, ‘undercut’… A motorsports geek who doesn’t just stick to the pure and hard ‘Alonsoism’.

The announcement was not easy. As internal sources explained to this media, The logistics with Lobato and Cuquerella were not easyfor the recordings of the Ricardo Tormo circuit, it was necessary to use a stunt double to pilot, a drone to record everything… In addition to convincing the narrator, who receives this type of request every week and in abundance. A complicated logistics, but the result has been excellent.

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