Sporting made official yesterday the agreement with the Siroko brand as the club’s new main sponsor. The link, announced by LA NUEVA ESPAÑA in its digital edition, extends for two seasons and will go beyond the front of the first team shirt. The brand, based in Gijón and present in more than 40 countries, will be seen on the clothing of the first men’s teams, the reserve teams and the youth teams, as well as on other physical and digital media. “It is a special joy that a brand from Gijón is now involved with us with more energy and determination,” said David Guerra, executive president of the club. The idea is that the presentation of the agreement will take place next week, coinciding with the launch of the new shirt.

The alliance between Sporting and Siroko will be one of the most important, on an economic level, of those signed by the red-and-white club with a main sponsor in the last seven years, according to what this newspaper was able to learn from sources close to the agreement. This move comes after the entity terminated its agreement with the Jalisco Tourism Secretariat and the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area Tourism Trust, responsible for managing the “Jalisco is Mexico” brand. This last link, which began in January 2023 on the first team’s shorts, moved in June to the front of the shirt, where it continued until the end of last season. Sporting, according to Mexican media, earned around 150,000 euros through this contract. The club had been working for some time on establishing an agreement with a global firm with a presence in several markets that could provide an economic boost and also respond to Sporting’s values ​​and image. The understanding with Siroko has been total in order to try to make a force from Asturias to the world. This is also to give the salary cap a new boost at a time when every income counts to try to help with the creation of the new project. This is not the first link between both entities. In 2017 they already collaborated in the creation of personalized sunglasses for the red and white club. Now the agreement is much deeper. The Gijón team will wear the brand’s logo throughout Spain.

The commitment to Siroko also means returning to an Asturian partner. After the club had the support of firms such as the Caja de Ahorros de Asturias at the end of the last century and other more recent agreements with companies based in the region such as Teslacard (2017-18) or Integra Energía (2020-23), the red-and-white entity once again has the collaboration of a firm from the community as one of its most important business partners for the next two campaigns. Siroko, based in Gijón, was founded in 2016 and is already present in more than 40 countries. Its presence in sports linked to snow, fitness or cycling has made it a leading brand within the sector and in the short term it hopes to specialize in markets such as golf and hiking.

David Guerra, CEO of Sporting, shared the club’s satisfaction with “the involvement and enthusiasm of those in charge at Siroko to collaborate in achieving the club’s objectives, which are the highest. We want to build together in the coming years.” Regarding the Asturian firm, Borja Mera, CEO of Siroko, stressed that “we are excited to be able to join our path with that of Real Sporting de Gijón in this exciting journey. We know that this is only the beginning. It is an important step for Siroko, and we hope that it will also be for Sporting, for Gijón and for all of Asturias. We hope to proudly bring Asturian values ​​to every corner of the world. As a child, going to El Molinón with my father was an experience that filled me with emotion. We couldn’t be more excited that Siroko, a brand from Gijón, is embarking on this adventure to reach the top. It’s going to work out for us!”

Sporting is currently finalising the presentation of the new season tickets for the 2024-25 season. While waiting for it to be made official, the intention is to follow a similar line to that of last summer, without contemplating a drastic increase in prices, as happened during 2022. The objective will once again be to try to reach the 20,000 season ticket holders achieved during the last season, which ended with a total of 20,076. After falling in the play-off for promotion to the First Division against Espanyol, the club has already activated the pre-sale of season tickets for those who would like to be the first to tie up their renewal or sign up through the website of the red-and-white entity. Current subscribers, if they have already renewed their membership, will be given the usual 10% discount on the total price and, in addition, if they manage to attract a new subscriber (provided they did not make the promotion for the second half of the last season effective), the discount will be increased by another 5%. This 5% discount will also be applied to new subscribers, provided that the current subscriber finally formalises their renewal at the opening of the campaign. Subscribers who renew their membership would have to pay 100 euros of the final price in advance. But in the event that they renew and “manage” to attract a new subscriber, only the latter would have to pay those 100 euros in advance.

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