Tyson Carter and Yankuba Sima, key days in the market

Tyson Carter and Yankuba Sima, key days in the market
Tyson Carter and Yankuba Sima, key days in the market

These are days of tense calm in the Unicajaawaiting developments regarding the future of two players who are expected to be kept in the squad but whose continuity is not certain:Tyson Carter and Yankuba SimaThe weekend is a key moment because on Sunday the 7th the deadline to execute the shooting guard’s exit clause ends.r 250.000 euros, an affordable amount for teams Euroleagueand also the deadline for Yankuba Sima to submit an offer from another L’Ale club.Endesa is better than Unicaja could equalize within five days.

In the event that the situation were favourable for the Malaga club in both cases, the squad could be practically defined depending on what happens with Dylan Osetkowski and with the expected signature of Olek Balcerowski, who was shining in the Pre-Olympic this Wednesday, with 22 points and four rebounds in the defeat of Poland against Bahamas (90-81). His release from Panathinaikos and his signing are awaited.

In the case of Tyson Carter, it is an important date because there would still be an exit clause for the player from Mississippi, although with a much higher amount. It seems logical to think that if there is no buyer now there will not be one later, but the market fluctuates and there are other operations, injuries… That is why Unicaja, in parallel, offered the American player an improvement in his contract for next season, so that he also remembers that there is maximum interest in him staying. Ibon Navarro He already spoke to him before his departure and explained his ideas about his development as a player and what would be necessary.

The market for foreign players has calmed down a bit after a lot of excitement in the last few days. Yesterday we learned of the signing of Levi Randolph, interesting 2-3 of the Hapoelwhich was measured at Unicaja with Oostende and that could be seen in Málaga in the BCL Final Four, by Maccabi, a team that is rebuilding after many departures and that could be one of Carter’s suitors.

In Sima’s case, a week has passed since the deadline for submitting offers to the ACB opened after Unicaja placed him on the list and there is no news. Valencia, for example, acted quickly with Happ and Costello, Gran Canaria and Baskonia They did not equalize and are now orange players. Gran Canaria is the team that had shown the most interest in Sima, they had spoken with him previously. They have not yet made a move. In the event that they were to submit an offer, the Unicaja would have five days to equalize. If not, he would continue to retain the rights to the player. ACBThe offer presented to the league is less, what he was paid last year, than the last one that was offered to him in order to avoid this procedure. There would always be the option of signing for a foreign team, however. We are entering a decisive stage of the market.

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