Colombian dam destroys Quiñones after playing in Copa America

Colombian dam destroys Quiñones after playing in Copa America
Colombian dam destroys Quiñones after playing in Copa America

The new failure that added the Mexican team failing to overcome the Group stage of the Copa America 2024 continues to give much to talk about, examples of the above are the strong criticism that received Julian Quinones from Colombiathe country in which he was born.

Through social networks, several Colombian journalists criticized the forward of the team that is directed by Jaime Lozano due to the performance he showed with Mexico in the tournament that takes place in USA.

What did the Colombian press say about Julián Quiñones?

Since the now ex-player of America decided to be part of the Mexican team It was expected to make a difference, something that has not happened so far, since in the recent America Cup He failed to show his goal-scoring instinct.

In the program of ‘In Vbar’ of Caracol Radiom Several of his collaborators destroyed the Aztec attacker. “The Colombian-Mexican was surprised, for the worse. A normal little player,” he said. Eugenio Baena.

While Sebastian Vargas He commented: “Debut and farewell for him in the National Team (of Mexico), going to Saudi Arabia, even more so.” Diego Rueda He noted: “In the Copa America, Julian Quiñones was not everything that we had been toldas a figure. Here I would have been left out of the call.”

Quiñones was beaten after his participation with Mexico in the Copa América

Another of the communicators who assured that in case Quiñones If he had not become a Mexican national he would not have been included in the call for Colombia was Adrián Magnolianalyst of DSports.

“Nothing happened with Quiñones in the Copa América, Lorenzo wanted to call him up for a friendly match without guaranteeing him a starting spot and the player opted for Mexico. For me, he has no place among the 55 of the Colombian National Team”, he posted on X (formerly Twitter).

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