Switzerland’s ‘Golden Generation’ wants to take Europe by storm: “We’ve been playing together since we were kids”

Switzerland’s ‘Golden Generation’ wants to take Europe by storm: “We’ve been playing together since we were kids”
Switzerland’s ‘Golden Generation’ wants to take Europe by storm: “We’ve been playing together since we were kids”

SSwitzerland is being One of the big surprises of the Euro Cup. While it is true that in recent tournaments it has always been a difficult team that ends up reaching the final rounds, in this one it is emerging as one of the great alternatives to take the title. The match against Italy only serves to reaffirm the Swiss as one of the most competitive teams in the championship. All thanks to a backbone of veteran footballers who have known each other for a long time.

Granit Xhaka, Xherdan Shaqiri, Fabian Schär, Yann Sommer, Ricardo Rodríguez and Steven Zuber are part of a ‘Golden Generation’ in Switzerland and have been protagonists in the last big matches for national teams. Together they have managed to establish their country as a team to be reckoned with in World Cups and European Championships. They are all of a similar age and, as Zuber himself has stated, they have been playing together since the lower categories: “We have all played together since we were very, very young, so we know each other’s good and bad sides. That is the great strength of our team.“.

To this veteran base have been added several younger footballerssuch as Rieder (22), Vargas (25) or Ndoye (23), who have helped to add even more quality to Yakin’s team. The defeat of Italy in the round of 16 is a clear example of what Switzerland can do in this tournament, which is also on the ‘good side’ of the draw.

Their next opponent is an England in crisis. Jude Bellingham saved the Britons from disaster in stoppage time, but doubts about Southgate’s football remain. The Swiss are very serious and competitive, which could serve to exploit the weaknesses of the ‘Three Lions’.

Several tournaments lurking

This is not the first time that Switzerland has made it to the quarter-finals with these players. They already pushed Luis Enrique’s Spain to the limit in 2021. Only the luck of the penalties ended up knocking down this teamwho came close to reaching the semi-finals.

They had a good performance in Qatar, until Portugal ended their dream with a severe punishment. They have been to the last five World Cups, after missing the vast majority in the 20th century.. In addition, they have been overcoming all the group stages since 2014, but it could be in 2024 when they ring the bell for achieve the best result in the country’s history.

Despite everything, Zuber stressed in a press conference the calm with which they are facing this situation: “I was impressed by the team’s attitude (after beating Italy). It seemed like we were playing a totally normal game.“.

One step away from the semi-finalsafter beating Italy and putting Germany on the ropes, This team dreams big.

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