Footballer blamed for Nailea Vidrio’s infidelity defends himself

Lthe novel of the accusation made by Nailea Vidrio regarding the fact that he has had to face the footballer with whom he was allegedly unfaithfulhas a new chapter.

And it is that Denisse Valdez was the one pointed out as the probable culprit that the Pachuca player was cheated on, which is why she has come to her defense.

Denisse Valdez “answers” after being tagged by followers in Nailea Vidrio’s confession

Denisse Valdez responds to alleged infidelity

It was through his Tik Tok account that The former León and Cruz Azul footballer broke the silence being the supposed ‘third party’, so she took the opportunity to respond to some users.

Why do they say that they were unfaithful to Nailea Vidrio with her?, they asked Denisse Valdez, to which she had no qualms about retorting with a “because people are gossips and liars“, he defended himself.

On the other hand, the footballer sent a strong message to her followers in her Instagram stories, to whom she wished “Good morning, except to those who lie to coexist“.

Denisse Valdez’s answer to the question about Nailea Glass

Who is Denisse Valdez, who is accused of infidelity to Nailea Vidrio?

She was now a Pachuca player, who has maintained Among her love relationships are Kevin Álvarez and Israel Reyeswho posted a video on Tik Tok titled ‘when I play against the girl who cheated on me’, to give to find out that a soccer player was guilty of an infidelity.

Nailea Vidrio, a player for Pachuca Femenil, confesses infidelity and gives clues about the ‘player’

And there was no shortage of theories about who was the cause, where The one pointed out was Denisse Valdezwho played for Cruz Azul and León in the Liga MX Femenil.

‘La Fiera’ was the last club with which he had activity in the First Division; however, came out after Clausura 2021so she remained active on the courts in the United States, and later in some amateur tournaments in Mexico; the last one being the Regional Universiade defending the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez.

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