Renewal and farewell: Ezequiel Centurión leaves River

Renewal and farewell: Ezequiel Centurión leaves River
Renewal and farewell: Ezequiel Centurión leaves River

Without a place in the squad due to the signing of Jeremías Ledesma, the goalkeeper will once again go out on loan.

By Pablo Noya

04/07/2024 – 19:40hs ART

© Getty ImagesEzequiel Centurion will leave River.

Although when he returned to River After a good time at Estudiantes de Buenos Aires, Ezequiel Centurión excited the fans of the Millionaires with being Franco Armani’s replacementHowever, those good performances he had in some games began to fade away and now the coaching staff has opted for another name.

With Jeremías Ledesma arriving in Argentina to sign and be a new reinforcement, Ezekiel Centurion and the technical team of Martín Demichelis determined that it was best to look for a new destination and for this reason the goalkeeper will go on loan to Independiente Rivadavia of Mendoza.

Ezequiel Centurión packs his bags and leaves River.

As confirmed in the last few hours, River’s goalkeeper will leave on Friday for Mendoza to sign and thus join the team that recently incorporated Sebastian Villa y Nahuel Gallardo to fight against relegation in the Professional Football League.

It is important to highlight that The agreement for the goalkeeper will be a loan for a season and a half without an option to buy since it is estimated that Centurion return to River at the end of 2025. With this it is deduced that he will return to be the substitute of Jeremiah Ledesma when Franco Armani I quit football.

Ezequiel Centurión begins to define his future away from River.

Ezequiel Centurión renewed his contract with River

Even though he will go on loan, Ezequiel Centurión signed with River and renewed his contract with the Millionaire until December 2026. In this way, it is confirmed that the goalkeeper will have a third cycle with the shirt of River in which he will seek to continue contributing from his position.

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