Carlos González: ‘Being Gignac’s shadow is not easy at Tigres’

Carlos González: ‘Being Gignac’s shadow is not easy at Tigres’
Carlos González: ‘Being Gignac’s shadow is not easy at Tigres’

Carlos Gonzalez Today is due to Xolos from Tijuana and wants to get ahead with this club in this new start of the championship as is the case Opening 2024however he admits that in the future he would like to return to Tigersbecause he knows he could have given more and he was left with the thorn of leaving champion with the UANL.

However, being under the ‘shadow’ of Andre Pierre Gignac It is not easy, but once at the border the Paraguayan forward He managed to revive his scoring instinct after leaving the felines, since in the football year scored 13 goalsalthough it was not enough to achieve better collective results with the Xolos.

“The fact that I go out and then The team becomes champion, it is something that was pending for memaybe I had a Tigres that was going down, maybe many situations that have not made me achieve important things, because We know that Tigres is a team that wins championships and I was left with that thorn of having achieved something, I was left with that bad feeling.”

It was not easy to be an alternative behind Gignac

González joined Tigres for the Clausura 2021 and stayed for three tournaments. In the first campaign, He came from being a scorer in Pumas and went starter alongside Gignac in both Liga MX and the Club World Cupwhere the team was runner-up; In those tournaments, he only stood out with four goals in Mexico and two assists, while in the international competition he only gave one assist.

In the Apertura 2021, his presence in the starting eleven was decreasing, as he only scored three goals in the regular tournament and one in the Liguilla, in which he was only a substitute option and made one goal and two assists; that performance in the Fiesta Grande It was not enough to earn a place in the Clausura 2022as he was only a starter in two regular schedule games and another pair in the Liguilla, adding up to a total of only three goals and one assist. After that year and a half, he was sold to Toluca.

The reason for his lack of play

For Charly, his absence from the game was due to a mental problem, since I had family problems and also the fact of seeing himself as an alternative in a club that demands a lot, aware that Gignac was the figure of the club.

“That was a bit complicated, really, because We all know that Tigres is not easy, it is not for everyone.; I arrived at an institution that I knew was going to demand a lot from me, The emotional blow I suffered from a family issue that many know, others do not, taking on the challenge of reaching Tigres and doing it that way, facing it alone, was something I had not planned, battling with that was not easy, because To perform well in football you have to be mentally healthy and it was something that was hard for me to overcome, when I was already proving myself, the time came to leave, to be left with the feeling of having been able to give something more, but very grateful for everything.”

“We overcame that (mental) situation and I got back on track with goalsone has always been like this, those who know me know what one is capable of doing; during my time at Tigres, when things began to improve, We had to make the decision to leavebecause it is not easy to be an alternativewe know that André’s presence It will always be important and good to have the satisfaction of having played with him and continuing to see him do what he does best, but I had to look for other things, which is what I found, getting back on the path to scoring goals, that has made me consistent and continue to be a bet for any team.”

As complicated as it was for Carlos Gonzalez fighting for a place in Tigres, He admits that he learned a lot from Frenchwith whom he shared many moments with this friend that he will not forget.

“I learned quite a bit, Gignac is a player with a fairly extensive careerwhich continues to prove this to this day, It was a privilege to play alongside him.He knows that I always enjoyed playing with him, we trained together, there was a good relationship that still exists today, football leaves you with many friends… for me he is still an incredible player.”

When moving on to Tolucawas a starter in 12 games of the tournament Opening 2022scoring a goal and providing an assist, but in the Liguilla he was present in all seven games and helped with two goals and three assists, although it was not enough for his team to win the title against Pachuca.

Then in the Closing 2023 He was a star in 14 matches, scoring eight goals; in the Fiesta Grande he helped with two assists, but Diablos was eliminated in the Quarterfinals by Tigres.

He was sold to Only and in his first tournament with Tijuana, in the Opening 2023he scored nine goals with one assist, starting in 16 games, while in the Clausura 2024 he played 17 games, although he only scored four goals and one assist.

“Like everything Forward, We always live off goalsI feel that the contribution I have always made has borne fruit, we know that in Tigers They will always demand from you. Ever since I left, I have always visualised myself recovering and I think I have achieved that. You always know what you are capable of doing. Maybe few people value the demands that Tigres has placed on me, others are grateful for it. There are many cases. I am not the only one, but I feel that my time has been good. I could have shown much more.”

Outstanding debt with the national team

He March 27, 2019, Gozález debuted with the Paraguay National Team; accumulates nine World Cup qualifying matches, Five Copa America matches and two friendliesbut he has not been able to score in any of them, which is why he says he feels he has a pending debt and would like to be called up again to get it out of his system, although his last match with the team was on September 13 against Venezuela, which is why he recently missed the Copa América with his team.

“I don’t blame myself for many things, but I do speak more about the fact that you show many things in your team, but in selection No, I can’t prove it and it’s something I always blame myself for, that in a team yes but in the national team no.”

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